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Singapore Grand Prix 2019: Binotto Gives Hard Hitting Reply to Critics of Sebastian Vettel

Singapore Grand Prix 2019: Binotto Gives Hard Hitting Reply to Critics of Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has not been having a very a good 2019 season at all, while the opposite is true for teammate Charles LeClerc. He is the only driver in the top 5 without a win, and with the Singapore Grand Prix 2019, not being a track that suits Ferrari, it will be more difficult.

The drought dates as far back as the 2018 Italian Grand Prix, making it a full year without a win. What does not help his case is the emergence of a new superstar, his own partner. LeClerc already has two wins under his belt and looks like he may be assuming the numero uno status before long, if he hasn’t already.

In spite of this, Ferrari still insist that Vettel still has their backing and will continue to get their support. Team principal, Mattia Binotto had Vettel’s back in spite of rumours that the German could be on his way out due to his poor results.

Mattia Binotto

Speaking to Auto Bild ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix 2019, Binotto said, “Sebastian is still very quick. I continue to have confidence in him and it is just only a matter of time before he, himself finds his confidence again. The whole team supports him. Ferrari loves Sebastian and the fans love Sebastian.”

“Sebastian is a leader. He supports us in developing in the right direction and always comes up with new ideas and possibilities. Sebastian pushes us to improve more and more. He is not just the driver, but an important part of our team.”

Binotto harked back to Monza where Sebastian Vettel had a disappointing result, after on-track incidents. the Ferrari boss revealed that during the team photo, everyone clapped their hands rhythmically and shouted ‘SEB-SEB-SEB’.

Now, Vettel may have a chance to redeem himself in the coming races, starting with the Singapore Grand Prix 2019 this weekend.

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