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Singapore Grand Prix 2019: Details of the Ferrari Aero Package Which Made Leclerc’s Pole Possible

Singapore Grand Prix 2019: Details of the Ferrari Aero Package Which Made Leclerc’s Pole Possible

Qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix 2019 has concluded with Charles LeClerc on pole position for Ferrari. Further backing up Ferrari’s pace is the fact that Sebastian Vettel slotted into 3rd. On Friday, it was an all-Mercedes show, with a dash of Red Bull and Max Verstappen, while Ferrari were in the mix somewhere.

However, come Saturday and the Scuderia finally showed its true colours, with LeClerc offering a hint in FP3. Then, in qualifying, LeClerc and Vettel really let loose, with the latter grabbing provisional pole. On the second run, the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel made a mistake, so he bailed out on the lap. However, Charles LeClerc was on fire and snatched the top spot by two tenths from his teammate.

However, this begs the question, how did Ferrari suddenly become so quick at a circuit that generally does not favour them? The answer lies in their latest aerodynamic upgrade, which includes a new front wing on both cars.

Speaking to the media, team principal Mattia Binotto said, “The aerodynamic package worked well. I want to give credit not only to those who developed it, but also to those who produced it because initially it was planned to introduce it later. But after Hungary everyone pushed hard to get it ready for Singapore.”

Speaking after qualifying, Sebastian Vettel said that they did not lose performance in areas where they lost time in Hungary. Instead, he believes that it means that they put in the performance in the right areas.

According to Auto Moto und Sport, the new aero package is allowing Vettel to perform quite well. Observations say that the rear end of the car was much more stable than before, a trait that Vettel favours.

Another update that Ferrari have introduced is a new diffuser, which seems to be working well. According to Vettel to AMuS, the package worked but they still have a lot of potential to extract. He also believes that he could have gone half a second faster if it weren’t for the traffic.

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