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Official F1 Twitter Handle Mocks Romain Grosjean Over Spin and Later Deletes Tweet

Official F1 Twitter Handle Mocks Romain Grosjean Over Spin and Later Deletes Tweet

During the FP2 session of the Singapore Grand Prix 2019, there were a lot of incidents that took place. While there were a few tangles with the Racing Point drivers, another incident was involving a spin for Romain Grosjean.

This embarrassing moment comes after Grosjean was just re-signed by Haas for the 2020 season. What was even more humiliating was the fact that the Formula One Twitter account even trolled Grosjean before deleting the tweet.

In the last 24 hours, Romain Grosjean has been the subject of much discussion and occasional ridicule. In fact, Christian Horner even said, “I can’t see why they have, but that’s their choice.”

It was worth noting that Romain Grosjean has had more retirements this season than race finishes. Even his teammate Kevin Magnussen has brought in the lion’s share of the pints. However, Haas are still keeping the faith in the French driver to continue delivering.

According to Autosport, had be not been retained, Grosjean would have explored Formula E and even the DTM series. In his words about F1’s electric baby cousin, “you can win the championship, which you cannot in F1 if you don’t have a Mercedes or a Ferrari.”

Also, while talking about DTM, he said, “I have always been passionate about DTM, since Formula 3 in 2006 [which followed the DTM calendar], it’s a great championship and the cars look good.”

However, he also revealed that Plan B would have been to combine Formula E and DTM duties instead of remaining in one of the series.

In conclusion, he said that a DTM and FE combination would “make you a pretty good season”.

“So yeah, plan A was Formula 1 and there was a few options there, and then plan B were Formula E and DTM or the both together.”

Romain Grosjean has often been criticised for being a crash king
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