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Singapore Grand Prix: Red Bull Poke Fun at Haas for Retaining Romain Grosjean

Singapore Grand Prix: Red Bull Poke Fun at Haas for Retaining Romain Grosjean

Recently, the Haas F1 team announced that Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen would be retained for 2020. This effectively slammed the door in poor old Nico Hulkenberg’s face. Admittedly, many found it strange that Grosjean was handed a lifeline in spite of poor performances. During the Singapore Grand Prix practice session, Red Bull boss Christian Horner took a dig at the decision.

Horner was asked if he and Red Bull would have re-signed Grosjean, like Haas did. Horner promptly replied, “I can’t see why they have, but that’s their choice”. Savage comment aside, he did have a point as, heading into the Singapore Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean has registered more retirements than race finishes.


His highest position is 7th, with teammate Magnussen recording a season best of 6th. The Dane has also brought in the lion’s share of the points, and has one retirement, to Grosjean’s six.

While Haas are not exactly the best midfield team, it is still embarrassing to be placed just ahead of Williams. Williams are easily the worst team on the grid and to be just ahead of them is quite mortifying.

Coming back to the Singapore Grand Prix 2019, Max Verstappen topped the timesheets. Behind him were Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, followed by Valtteri Bottas, despite a crash for the latter.

Things were worse for Charles LeClerc as he trundled to a halt early in the session.

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