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Is Lewis Hamilton Actually A ‘Very Lucky Boy?’ Sir Jackie Stewart Thinks So!

Is Lewis Hamilton Actually A ‘Very Lucky Boy?’ Sir Jackie Stewart Thinks So!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton now has five world titles against his name. As on date, with 2 wins already from 3 races, Lewis is right on the money. That incredible win at F1’s 1000th GP notwithstanding, he won, albeit with great fortune being on his side at Bahrain. And even at the start of the 2019 F1 season, Lewis Hamilton managed a strong podium at Australia.

In each of the three races held thus far, the 2018 World Champion hasn’t yet failed to stand on the podium.

One wonders, if that’s not a great performance, then what is?

To that end, the fact that Lewis Hamilton has managed to win 3 world titles in the past 4 years presents us with a portrait of a dominant world champion. Had it not been for Nico Rosberg’s triumph in 2016, a year where Lewis Hamilton finished only 5 points shy of his then-teammate Nico Rosberg, it’s anybody’s guess who would’ve gone on to clinch another world title.

Standing third on the Driver’s Standings was Daniel Ricciardo, who found himself with a 124-point deficit to the second-placed Lewis Hamilton.

While there’s little doubt about the fact that Mercedes, clearly the masters of the hybrid-era have given Lewis Hamilton a car that’s nearly faultless, shouldn’t the Briton’s winning back-to-back wins, and therefore, world titles be also related to his skill-set?

Lewis Hamilton
Has Sir Stewart been fair to Hamilton in his assessment of the Briton? (Photo by Guido De Bortoli/Getty Images)

While surely in an age of social media babble, one’s a pundit every given Sunday, the facts, in Lewis Hamilton’s case seem to be pointing in one direction: driver at part with the car and vice-versa!

Because in this equation, if there’d been even an ounce of a variation, one may not have seen the prowess that the Stevenage-born would’ve demonstrated. This, mind you, is at a time where Ferrari, clearly the frontrunners on many an occasion alongside Mercedes have had the services of a four-time world champion with their former driver, a ‘laggard’ Raikkonen managing to punch above his weight- reference to the context being races at Monza, the USA in 2018.

So how come only one man’s been at the very top? You know his name!

Yet, it appears that there are a few who’d perhaps see the Lewis-Mercedes scenario as being one that’s more car-dominant and therefore, perhaps not so much down to the drivers’ craft. In Lewis Hamilton’s case, it’s Sir Jackie Stewart.

Wondering what the racing legend had to share?

“Mercedes have committed such a lot of money, and have secured so many talented engineers and specialists,” shared the three-time championship winner, Sir Jackie Stewart.

Additionally, he would go on to add, “thousands of people working for them to make Hamilton and [Valtteri] Bottas drive cars that are, again, considerably better and faster than Ferrari or any other competitors.”

Here’s a point.

In lines of the above, it doesn’t seem that the ‘Flying Scot’ is absolutely off the mark. Surely, Mercedes are a powerhouse they are today thanks to incredible resources they’ve managed to strap around their driving talents.

But one wonders how does possession of resources and finances lessen the importance of having an ace like Lewis Hamilton driving the car (he does). Perhaps the Mercedes fans and those of Red Bull would want to wonder about the number of championships that Sebastian Vettel has been able to clinch since joining Ferrari, in 2015?

Did Vettel have minuscule resources at his disposal?

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