The Williams F1 team have had a sluggish start to their 2019 campaign. First and foremost, their car was two days late compared to their rivals, due to delays in building it. According to The Judge 13, sources revealed that the higher-ups in the management tried to sack most of the team’s managerial staff in 2018.

However, it seems that that move has backfired on the Grove-based team spectacularly. The delay and the team’s lack of pace is certainly proof enough for their incompetence.

The source went on to say, “At the end of last year, all the managers in all manufacturing departments got sacked after an internal survey.”

“They all obviously appealed, and have now all been paid off with no employment restrictions.”

“Upper management are now trying to implement new working hours and staff are refusing to work more than the standard shift hours in protest of any change. So not a surprise the car is late and is not at the test”

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Many have pinned the blame on ex-Mercedes technical chief Paddy Lowe, for the team’s shortcomings. One of the primary reasons the tardiness was the fact that a few ill fitting components requiring last minute manufacturing.

Senior driver, Robert Kubica rightly described the situation as ‘a mess’. Furthermore, he said “The lost time can not be made up. The feelings are mixed, because on the one hand we are happy about the many rounds. But it’s not that long until the first race is over and we’re not where we want to be.”

Now, it seems that the team are finally on track with their testing programme. Hopefully for their sake, they get to the bottom of their issues.

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