Six Maps for Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Mode Revealed

October 24, 2020 7:30 pm

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is one of the biggest topics in the gaming community right now. Fans are more excited about the return of Zombies mode than other multiplayer modes in the game. As a result, even the developers are trying their best to hype it up ahead of the game’s release in November.

YouTuber TheGamingRevolution talked about the six maps for the mode and their locations:

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Call of Duty Cold War to have a World War 2 bunker map

Classic Call of Duty Zombies map Nacht Der Untoten returns in the latest title as a part of Die Maschine. The map will most probably be in Morasko, Poland. The Soviet and German forces have their interests in exploring the World War 2 bunker site and harnessing the energy underneath it.

Because of the unusual experiments at the site, a machine has split open and dark ether is spreading in the surroundings. Players will have to investigate the site and stop the outbreak before things become worse.

According to some rumors, the classic Nacht Der Untoten will also be playable as a separate map. It will most probably be a tiny survival map in the game, however, there is no official confirmation for it.

Rumors suggest a Vietnamese and a Mountains map at the launch of Zombies

Call of Duty’s official intro for Die Maschine has been very informative for further information on the Zombies mode:

Grigori “Greg” Weaver’s computer hints towards a location in Vietnam and this might be the rumored map named Firebase Z. As for now, the developers are keeping this map as a secret and fans hope that they get a sneak peek of it prior to the launch.

The location of the map is Dong Hoi city in Vietnam. As a result, players might witness a coast and a jungle on the Vietnamese map. It also seems similar to the Shangri-La map in Call of Duty titles like Black Ops and Black Ops 3.

The computer shows another location in the Ural Mountains in Russia. This is also the location for the “Fireteams” game mode and Warzone’s new map in the game. The map might feature the recently announced “Onslaught mode” for the latest title.

A new Call of Duty Cold War Berlin map will include Kino Der Toten

With the help of Samantha’s location, fans speculate that there will be a separate Berlin map in the game. This map will also feature the classic Call of Duty map, the Kino Der Toten. It literally means, Cinema of the Dead, and it will most probably be part of the larger Berlin map.

Just like the Die Machine and Nacht Der Untoten combination, fans hope that they will play the Berlin map and Kino Der Toten separately. The smaller maps are always more intense and action-packed.

Apart from these classics, there will be a giant map in the game. Apparently, the map is not only huge but is a site for the production of giant robots. The developers have also teased a Dead Ops Arcade map recently, and fans are very excited about it.

Despite all the information, the release dates of these maps are still a mystery. Treyarch might release one map per season or opt for any other patterns. However, all the revealed maps are unique in their own ways and fans look forward to having a great time while playing Zombies.

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