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Eleven smallest Ballon d’Or winning margins in history

Eleven smallest Ballon d’Or winning margins in history

The Ballon d’Or is an award with a lot of significance to the players who win it. It means that you were the best player that year. Since its inception in 1956, some of the the names that have won it are going to be remembered as legendary ones. However, there have been both wide & narrow margins between the victor and runner-up.

Let’s take a look at some of the smallest margins while winning the Ballon d’Or that led to some close battles between the top two players for world dominance that respective year.

11.  1965 – 8 points


Eusébio (67) and Giacinto Facchetti (59)

One of the finest players in Benfica and Portugal, Eusébio had been banging in goals at the rate of more than 1 goal per match over the last few seasons. It was no surprise, given that no striker at that time was as clinical. Given his rich trophy collection, it was more a matter of time when he would finally land the grandest individual award in football. He also had a trophy collection that many would envy, with a total of 29 trophies. He also led Portugal to a third-place World Cup finish in 1966.

Giacinto Facchetti was a one-club man and was part of the golden generation of Inter Milan in the 1960s. He would never finish in the top 3 of the Ballon D’or again but he had international and club success and was named in the FIFA 100, along with Eusébio.

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