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David Beckham garnered global attention for Inter Miami after signing Lionel Messi this season. La Pulga’s deal involved many significant inner workings, emulating a similar contract as of Michael Jordan. Meanwhile, the English soccer legend unexpectedly elicited jest with a bunch of soccer pundits and ex-teammates regarding an aspect of the Argentine’s agreement.

The Manchester United legend shared valuable insights about his involvement in Messi’s arrival in the States. David Beckham discussed the notable shift in Herons’ club dynamics after the Barcelona icon dawned their iconic pink jersey.

David Beckham and his ex-teammates chuckle over Messi’s jaw-dropping deal


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The Los Blancos maestro expressed how he persuaded La Pulga to sign for Inter Miami. 36-year-old Lionel Messi was heavily involved with Al Hilal after the club proposed a gigantic multimillion deal after concluding his tenure with PSG. In a recent chat on the Overlap, David Beckham spoke about how the agreements with Apple and Adidas played a crucial role in enticing the Argentine to join the Herons.

In this instance, Roy Keane highlighted a hilarious perspective during the show. The Red Devils’ legend questioned, “Did he get a club car?”. Lionel Messi reportedly did not acquire any new car from Inter Miami to expand his luxurious collection. The entire room burst out laughing after Keane’s witty comment. Nevertheless, there were numerous other factors that captured his interest in joining the South Beach side.

The world champion had a pre-existing commercial deal with the same brands that endorse Inter Miami and the MLS. This helped Lionel Messi secure a contract with Inter Miami, reminiscent of Micheal Jordan’s iconic endorsement deals.


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Similarities between Messi’s and Michael Jordan’s ground-breaking deal

Messi inked a two- and half-year deal with Inter Miami worth close to $60 million per year. The Herons exerted a great effort to sign the Argentine. Adidas and Apple proposed a revenue-sharing agreement that helped to finance the Argentine’s deal with Inter Miami. La Pulga will receive a share of the increased profit generated by the sportswear giant as a result of his participation in MLS.

This reminded the fanbase of a similar contract that basketball legend Michael Jordan had with Nike in 1984. The NBA pro signed a contract worth $500,000 annually that also involved royalties. Jordan receives a 5% share of his own name-branded earnings. This contributed to his net worth of $2 billion which included a cut from the sale of every Jordan shoe. Consequently, such record-breaking agreements have always played a crucial role in materializing the services of sports legends over the decades.


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