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After Being Forced by Shakira to Pick Between Kids and Girlfriend, Gerard Pique Receives Devastating News About His Marriage With Clara Chia Marti

Published 07/05/2023, 7:00 AM EDT

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Gerard Pique’s infidelity controversy has been going on for over a year. Weeks ago, sources claimed that the FC Barcelona star would be taking the next step with his new girlfriend. But the two of them haven’t announced anything since the emergence of that report. Reportedly, Shakira is the name responsible for delaying the soccer veteran’s marriage. News surrounding a groundbreaking clause has just come to the forefront.

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From the looks of it, life is getting a bit harder for Pique. That is simply because his ex-girlfriend doesn’t want her children to come in contact with Clara Chia Marti. In June, he had to reportedly make a choice between both of them.

Gerard Pique’s marriage might just be on hold because of Shakira


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Back in December, Shakira and Pique signed a legal document that would take care of all these issues. The former celebrity couple had planned to live separately while the singer attained the kid’s custody. Months later, she moved to Miami with her close family. And that’s when everything started to get a bit complicated. Because the kids had to continue meeting Pique for a stipulated period.

But instead of him traveling to Miami, the Colombian icon traveled to Barcelona in June. The kids met their father for about two weeks and he had to drop them back to the US. Around that time, news emerged that Pique and his girlfriend were preparing to make a special announcement during his brother’s wedding. From the looks of it, that announcement didn’t end up happening.


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The announcement was surrounding the retired defender’s upcoming engagement date. But a recent report might have explained why the soccer veteran has postponed the marriage. In their separation document, a clause reportedly states that ‘the minors must have a prudent time to adapt to the new life of their father’. Undoubtedly, this clause could be a deal breaker for the FC Barcelona legend.

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In June itself, the Kings League owner had to seemingly make a choice between his children and girlfriend.


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Gerard Pique takes a stand by choosing by girlfriend

This situation occurred in June, a week before Pique’s younger brother’s wedding. The retired defender had to drop his children back to Miami. But the paternal side insisted that Milan and Sasha should attend the wedding. The retired defender reportedly asked Shakira for an extension to let their kids attend the wedding. But the Colombian icon wasn’t having any of it.

Reportedly, she conveyed a straight ‘NO’ to her ex-boyfriend for one simple reason. She didn’t want her kids to come across their father’s new partner. Also, the Waka–Waka singer wasn’t very fond of Marc Pique’s partner Maria Valls. Hence, Pique had a tough decision to take. He decided to attend his younger brother’s wedding with Chia Marti instead after dropping the kids back in Miami.


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What do you think about the emergence of this new clause in Pique’s contract? Do you think that it could halt his decision to marry? Let us know in the comments below.

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