Neymar Jr. is settling into his new life in Saudi Arabia alongside his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi. But it seems like his actions from the past continue to haunt him to this day. The Brazilian soccer star was recently exposed for cheating by an OnlyFans model who posted images of the player’s conversation. However, despite the issue settled following Neymar’s apology, things don’t seem to be over. The model, after exposing Neymar, has now taken a dig at his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi for chasing after a man to Saudi.

Neymar’s scandal rocked fans as the star is expecting his second child with his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi, who is currently pregnant. However, the star’s relationship seemed to hit a roadblock after he was exposed for infidelity. While the player’s public apology settled down the matter, it seems like things are far from over.

Fernanda Campos takes a dig at Bruna Biancardi for chasing after Neymar


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Fernanda Campos rose to fame after exposing Neymar for having an affair. The OnlyFans model doesn’t seem to be done with the Al Hilal superstar, as she has now taken a dig at his pregnant girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi.

In her recent social media post, Fernanda Campos wore a traditional Saudi Arabian outfit flaunting her looks. However, it was her caption that dragged away all the attention, with the model aiming a dig at Neymar’s girlfriend.

“By going to cross the world to run after male… #sóquenunca”

The dig was taken following Neymar Jr.’s transfer to Saudi side Al Hilal. Following the player’s move, his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi decided to move with him to the Middle Eastern country despite the recent allegations made against the star. Meanwhile, Fernanda Campos continues to earn more attention across social media after exposing Neymar for his affair with the model.

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Fernanda Campos exposed Neymar for infidelity

The Brazilian influencer witnessed sudden fame after exposing soccer icon Neymar Jr. The twenty-six-year-old opened up about the scandal in one of her blogs. She narrated how the player has been flirting with her since the World Cup.

The model then labeled Neymar as a “scumbag” for not telling her about his pregnant girlfriend, as he had hidden the fact from her during their conversations. The model then leaked multiple screenshots from the player after making their affair public. Her actions did not sit down well with the player who claimed she did it to hog the limelight.


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Despite the setback in his relationship, it seems like Neymar has settled into his life in Saudi Arabia alongside his girlfriend. However, it seems like the Brazilian model is yet to forgive the soccer star, as she continues to take subtle digs at the Al Nassr player.