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Cristiano Ronaldo‘s departure from Manchester United in 2022 undeniably left a significant impact that is still referenced today. Following each of the team’s disappointing defeats under Erik ten Hag, Ronaldo’s exit has frequently revived criticism towards him. Such is the case after the Red Devil’s loss to Chelsea when critics reproached the Man U boss for supposedly getting “rid of the only man who had a standard,” referring explicitly to CR7.

Ten Hag continually advocates setting ‘example’ and ‘standards’ for his players, a sentiment he reaffirmed amidst past controversy surrounding Jordan Sancho. Nevertheless, the ‘standard’ introduced by him thus far seems to have garnered dissatisfaction among several Manchester United fans.

Erik ten Hag once again under fire for discarding Cristiano Ronaldo


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Fan reactions have shown undeniable disappointment following the disappointing 3-4 defeat. This dissatisfaction was aired during an episode of talkSport program, where one particularly disillusioned spectator voiced their frustration. The supporter began by referring to Manchester United’s loss as yet “another in the long chain of embarrassments.”

The fiery critique then took aim at the 54-year-old, challenging his conduct with the words. “Ten Hag keeps talking about standards. What standards?” said the fan. “He got rid of the only man who had a standard in the building. That was Ronaldo.” Deepening his condemnation further, he remarked sarcastically, “He had the cardinal sin of scoring goals. What a problem to have, Yeah?”

Furthermore, he highlighted the absence of “a player who could walk into any other side,” emphasizing the club’s major issue. The hosts of the show seemed to share the same sentiment.

Undoubtedly, the loss against the Blues has intensified the scrutiny surrounding Erik ten Hag. Amidst all this Cristiano Ronaldo has also found himself in an awkward position with fans due to an Instagram post, further complicating matters.

Did CR7 troll Manchester United for their loss?


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Subsequent to the spectacular comeback victory of Chelsea, from a 3-2 deficit to a remarkable 4-3 win, an intriguing occurrence unfolded on social media. At that precise juncture, the Al Nassr striker shared a post on Instagram with the caption ‘Happy days’. Considering their controversial history, fans swiftly picked up on this and initiated discussions linking Ronaldo’s post to United’s defeat.


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A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) 

However, it is important to note that the Portuguese legend’s post had no correlation with Manchester United’s defeat; it was merely a pure coincidence. Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred fans from creating humorous memes.


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