Cristiano Ronaldo’s Name Misused for ‘False Publicity’ As Mental Coach Branded ‘Abusive and Fraudulent’ by CR7’s Ex-Coach

Published 07/15/2023, 12:07 PM EDT

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Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most influential soccer player in the world. Furthermore, he has created an enormous face in the soccer community owing to his numerous on-field achievements. Interestingly, Ronaldo shocked the world after receiving yet another Guinness World Record for the highest annual earnings as an athlete. The Portuguese superstar has overtaken Lionel Messi and set a new world record.

Besides that, Ronaldo has broken his silence on Susana Torres and accused the mental coach of ‘false publicity’ and misusing his name. Susano has several times referred to Cristiano Ronaldo as a part of her mentoring courses. Furthermore, she implied that she has a friendly relationship with the soccer star. On top of that, Susano also revealed that she has visited Ronaldo’s house for mentoring classes countless times.

Surprisingly, Ronaldo has denied all of Susano’s claims and accused her of misusing his name. The Portuguese star also claims that he doesn’t have any connection with the mental coach.


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Cristiano Ronaldo accuses mental coach of false publicity

The mental coach, Susana Torres, has once again risen to the spotlight after her controversial comment on Ronaldo and his ex-coach. Susana claimed that she has a great relationship with Ronaldo and Fernando Santos. Furthermore, she also referred to both soccer stars as a part of her mentoring courses.

Despite Susana’s chief claims, Ronaldo and Fernando have denied having relations with the mental coach. A close source to Cristiano Ronaldo assured the publication that the star has never been with Susana Torres. “He doesn’t know her. He has never been with her and she has never been to his house. And he does not authorize advertising using his name”, he stressed.


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Besides referring to Ronaldo as part of her mentoring courses, Susana also claimed that she visited the Portuguese star’s home multiple times. She said, “Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have any kind of electronic device inside his room, neither the wires, nor the wires, okay? The lights are all reduced, they are all indirect, so everything is studied so that rest is enhanced, so that it is a true sanctuary.”

After Ronaldo broke his silence, fans are targeting the mental coach for false publicity. Furthermore, they are also accusing Susana of misusing their idol’s name to generate profit and mislead people. Besides Ronaldo, Susano also talked about Fernando Santos as a part of her mentoring course.

Fernando Santos comments on Susana Torres


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Fernando Santos is a Portuguese professional football manager and former player who played as a defender. He is the manager of the Poland national team and the former coach of Cristiano Ronaldo. Upon getting asked about his relationship with Susana, Fernando denied all her false claims.

He said, “I must have seen this lady two or three times in national team training when she was working with Éder and only because Éder asked me for permission to meet her. We never had more than a two or three-minute small talk. Any and all use of my name by Susana Torres is abusive and fraudulent”

After Ronaldo and Fernando broke their silence, fans are targeting Susana Torres for her false publicity act. Indeed, such false claims can ruin the public figure of celebrities such as Ronaldo.


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