Lionel Messi has become the highest-paid athlete in the US by joining David Beckham’s $600 million team Inter Miami. The seven times Ballon d’Or winner stunned fans after announcing the start of his MLS journey. Besides fans, David Beckham is thrilled with Messi’s arrival and isn’t hiding his excitement on social media.

Not to forget, several celebrities, such as Tom Brady, Jimmy Buttler, and many more, also joined Beckham and welcomed the World Cup Champion. Days after Inter Miami’s grand-welcome party for the Argentine legend, Messi is expected to make his debut against Cruz Azul.

With only a few hours left before Messi’s rumored debut, Beckham expressed his thoughts on signing the best soccer player. The Manchester United legend mentioned that Messi is a gift for the club as well as for North American soccer.


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David Beckham shows admiration for Lionel Messi

Messi shocked the entire soccer community by deciding to play for Inter Miami. Since the announcement, Messi and Beckham have become the most hot topic on the internet. Furthermore, Beckham’s words of admiration and joy over Messi’s signing have been adored by several fans online.

Indeed, with the addition of the World Cup Champion to the squad, fans have high expectations from the soccer star. Moreover, they hope Messi finally puts an end to Inter Miami’s losing streak. The Argentine legend’s arrival in MLS will change the US soccer dynamics and Beckham agrees with the same.

In a recent interview, Inter Miami’s co-owner, David Beckham, opened up about the club’s plan for Messi signing. Moreover, he also claimed that the Herons’ decision to pursue Lionel Messi was splendid. Beckham further adds that Leo still shows hunger for victory and is physically fit as well to compete in MLS. The Manchester United legend also mentions that Messi’s arrival in MLS is a gift for North American soccer.

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Beckham reveals that his 10-year-old vision has finally been fulfilled with Messi’s signing. He said, “Messi is a gift, a gift to North American soccer, that was my vision, what I wanted. After winning so many trophies in Europe, winning in Miami is a challenge for him. I wanted to get the sport to reach another dimension and when we were able to announce Messi for me it was like a vision.”

After the interview and Beckham revealing his long-lasting 10-year-old vision, the Manchester United legend’s excitement on social media is now completely understandable. Moreover, Inter Miami also expects to make a tremendous profit with Messi’s signing both in terms of sports and business.

Inter Miami’s $110 million revenue vision

With everyone’s eyes on Messi’s joining MLS, Inter Miami desires to become the most valuable club in the league. With Messi’s signing, Inter Miami club owner revealed that the club is expecting to at least ‘double revenue’.


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Jorge Mas revealed that the Herons are looking ahead to generate $110 million in revenue by the end of 2023. He also mentions that the club’s value could reach $1.5 billion by next year.

Indeed, the Messi-Inter Miami deal has become the most-talked topic in the soccer community. Moreover, owing to Messi’s immense popularity, it’s not impossible for Inter Miami to become the MLS’ most valuable club.


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