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There seems to be no end to the clashes between Gerard Pique and his ex-girlfriend Shakira. Even after a year since their highly dramatic split, the Colombian and the retired soccer star continue to find themselves entangled in a web of conflicts. The once-celebrated couple, who were together for more than a decade and shared two children, Milan and Sasha, have seen their relationship deteriorate over time. Now, things have gotten worse as disagreements arose regarding their house in Barcelona and the custodial rights of their children.

After her failed relationship with the Spaniard, Shakira was shattered, but it was her profession and children that gave her the strength to move forward. The recent update on the former couple reveals that they are still struggling to settle everything once and for all. Let’s dive deeper into the matter.

Gerard Pique and Shakira in a conflict over kids custody again


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As per journalist Jordi Martin, a series of issues have arisen between the pop star and the Spaniard. He said on the program El Gordo y la Flaca, “Pique and Shakira are having problems because of their children’s school holidays, in addition to the fact that they cannot agree to sell the house they have together in Barcelona”, as compiled by Primera Hora and translated by Google Translate. Shakira and Pique’s divorce agreement was a long and fiery process where the former received the custodial rights of Milan and Sasha.

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As per the agreement, Gerard Pique would get to spend ten days a month with his kids. For the rest of the days, they are supposed to stay with their mother in Miami. Nonetheless, the former Barcelona center-back wants more time with his children and is sending strong requests to Shakira regarding the same. Martin also emphasized that these agreements signed by Shakira and Pique are effective in Barcelona, but they’re not ratified in Miami. The Kings League owner is now using this as a weapon against the Barranquilla native. Additionally, the soccer star wants to sell the house they together own in Barcelona as soon as possible, but the 46-year-old is not ready to give in.


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Pique pushing for the Barcelona home to be sold

The former couple is struggling hard to agree on various things. Jordi Martin said, “I have been told on good authority that Pique is pressuring Shakira to agree to sell the house. He could have evidence that could complicate the case that the singer has even with the Treasury against her.

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After the duo parted ways, Shakira left the house she lived in with Gerard Pique and moved to Miami. The Colombian once stated that she felt helpless in Barcelona and struggled to find a balance between her personal life and profession. However, now she has found her comfort in Miami and is thriving in her career. What are your thoughts about Shakira and Pique’s disagreements? Let us know in the comments below.

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