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Shakira had a memorable 2023, to say the least. The Colombian singer, after her controversial breakup with soccer legend Gerard Pique, went on to set several records with her songs that ranged from powerful diss tracks to heartfelt music dedicated to her two sons. However, despite all the drama and success that followed her breakup, Shakira has been outshined by her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

Rumors about Clara Chia started swirling when news of Pique’s infidelity came to light. The public’s interest in the 24-year-old skyrocketed when the Barcelona legend took to Instagram seven months after his breakup to officially announce his relationship with her.

Clara Chia Marti is the most searched in Colombia


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The relationship between Clara Chia and Gerard Pique has been met with intense backlash from both fans of Shakira and those critical of infidelity. However, it seems that the controversy has worked in Clara Chia’s favor when it comes to gaining popularity and notoriety. In a recent report, Google released the list of the most searched personalities in Colombia for the year 2023.

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As per Heraldo, Colombia’s very own superstar, Shakira made it to the second spot on the list. And it is Clara Chia taking the top spot as the most searched figure in the country for the year. Interestingly, she even surpassed the likes of PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe, who came in fifth on the list.

This suggests that all the controversies and backlash directed toward the Spaniard helped spark curiosity and increased people’s interaction with her. On the other hand, Clara Chia herself has tried to stay away from the limelight. She even chose not to address the diss track created by Shakira and the reason for that was recently revealed.

Why Clara Chia didn’t respond to Shakira’s diss track


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Fans still remember the diss track titled ‘Bzrp Music Session, Vol. 53’ and ‘TQG’. In the tracks, the singer didn’t hold back on her punches to diss Gerard Pique and his current girlfriend. Despite the significant buzz surrounding these tracks, Clara Chia Marti chose to maintain her silence in response.

Friends of Clara Chia Marti have disclosed the reason behind her decision, stating, “Clara has never said anything, nor is she going to say it. She would be missing more. She is a lady.” It is clear, she didn’t want to create more drama and thus remained silent.


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