How Much Do Golf Stars Earn Compared to Soccer Stars Such As Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi As Jon Rahm Bags LIV Golf Deal?

Published 12/09/2023, 8:58 AM EST

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Defending Masters champion Jon Rahm is now the talk of the town in the sporting world after his switch to LIV Golf. The Spaniard reportedly bagged a $566.4 million deal, with $302 million paid upfront. If Rahm receives anything close to the sum after signing, he will be the highest-paid athlete in 2023. At this juncture, let us compare how much golfers earn in comparison to soccer stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who dominate the Forbes List of Highest Paid Athletes.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been dominating Forbes’ top-earning athletes list for quite some time. However, Jon Rahm, with his staggering LIV Golf deal, is quite the competition to Ronaldo and Messi. But, do all golfers earn enough to compete with these soccer icons? Let’s dive deeper.

Golfers’ earnings in comparison with soccer’s top earners like Cristiano Ronaldo


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Earlier in October, Cristiano Ronaldo displaced Lionel Messi in the Forbes List to become the highest-paid athlete in 2023. While Ronaldo and Messi boast first and second positions respectively, quite a few other soccer stars also dominate the Forbes List. Here are soccer’s top earners.

Cristiano Ronaldo: $136 Million


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Lionel Messi: $130 Million

Kylian Mbappe: $120 Million

Neymar: $85 Million

Mohamed Salah: $53 Million

Erling Haaland: $52 Million

The aforementioned earnings of soccer stars include both on-field and off-field earnings. Now, let us examine golf’s top earners.

Dustin Johnson: $107 Million

Phil Mickelson: $106 Million

Rory Mcllroy: $80.8 Million

Tiger Woods: $75.1 Million

Cameron Smith: $73 Million

Brooks Koepka: $72 Million


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Per this year’s Forbes List, Jon Rahm’s earnings are $53 million, and he is not in golf’s top six earners. However, this could soon be a story of the past if Rahm bags the upfront sum of $302 million upon penning his LIV Golf deal on paper. Then, the sporting scene would see Ronaldo and Messi making way for Rahm on the rich list. If it happens this year, Rahm could buck a rare Forbes List trend.

Has a golfer surpassed Messi and Ronaldo on the Forbes List in the last 10 years?

Yes, for once in the last 10 years, the Forbes List saw golf legend Tiger Woods top the table as the highest earner in 2013. Then, Cristiano Ronaldo was the ninth highest paid and Lionel Messi the 10th. However, for five times in the same decade, the Forbes List has seen either Ronaldo or Messi occupy the first position, surpassing all elite athletes.


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Now, Jon Rahm is all set to buck this trend. What was last achieved by Tiger Woods in 2013 now seems to be a cakewalk of an achievement for Jon Rahm with his staggering LIV Golf move.



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