Lionel Messi has stamped his influence on Inter Miami since joining the club this summer. The Argentine has placed himself comfortably in David Beckham’s MLS project apart from delivering outstanding performances for the club. But, his goals, assists, and impressive stats are not the only eye-catching aspects of his arrival to the MLS. Messi’s personal bodyguard has also become a part of fame posed by the star.

The 7x Ballon d’Or winner decided to take care of his security amid the frenzy that reigned across the US after his arrival. It is reported that David Beckham and Inter Miami sorted the responsibility of safeguarding Messi by handing the job to a highly trained US Navy SEAL and MMA fighter.

Who is Lionel Messi’s bodyguard?


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As reported by La Voz, the steadfast bodyguard who is entrusted with protecting and safeguarding the star football icon Lionel Messi and his family is Yassine Cheuko. He is a former US Navy SEAL with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. With his experience in martial arts, taekwondo, and boxing via his strict training regime throughout the years, he is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Yassine is also an expert in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), as he had multiple opportunities to fight in several MMA fights.

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Yassine Cheuko has gained some attention lately, leading people to think, ‘Who is the person who runs from one side to the other side of the field while Messi shows his magic?’ The bodyguard boasts around 115,000 followers on his Instagram account, which includes Leo Messi himself.

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The athletic bodyguard, who was hired by David Beckham reportedly for a job that most would do for free, earns around $250,000 every month. Inter Miami pays him around 3 million USD per year according to his contract to protect Messi. A number enough to make people astonished.

Yassine Chueko’s primary job is to man-mark Leo Messi

Cheuko’s primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety and security of Lionel Messi in various settings, whether it is on-pitch or off-pitch. Apart from overlooking Inter Miami star, Cheuko also leads a team of 50 people overseeing the safety of the Messi family in Miami.

USA Today via Reuters

Part of Cheuko’s job includes patrolling the perimeter of the field and shadowing Messi throughout matches to deter any pitch invaders from approaching the Miami captain. These challenges highlight Cheuko’s adaptability and resourcefulness in ensuring Messi’s safety.


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Yassine Cheuko stands firm as a silent guardian, completely dedicated to safeguarding Lionel Messi and his greatness. With his efforts applauded by Messi and fans throughout the world, it is to be seen how his journey maps out as the bodyguard of the greatest of all time.

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