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“I Will Be a Frothy, Rabies-Infused Fan” – Wrexham Owner Ryan Reynolds Aims to Be the ‘Mark Cuban of the NHL’ Amidst Potential $800 Million Worth Takeover

Published 12/20/2022, 10:00 AM EST

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Many love Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, mostly for the character Deadpool. The Canadian American star is famous for his comic abilities, acting, and his love for sports. He already owns a team that plays in the National League of English Soccer league system. Apart from soccer, he had made it clear that he want to have stakes in the NHL team Ottawa Senators, which recently went up for sale. It looks like his dream is coming true as the NHL commissioner is by his side, making moves for him. Ryan recently spoke about how big of a fan he can be of the sport and the team.

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Ryan Reynolds currently owns Wrexham Association which is performing better than most teams in the league as the team had secured a 2nd place on the table as of now. This is not the first time Ryan talked about the stakes in the club.


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Ryan Reynolds wants to own a piece of Senators

According to a report from Sportsnet, Ryan Reynolds has already met with many of the potential buyers of the club. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman recently said that there are 12 parties interested in buying Ottawa Senators. The team is worth around 600 Million USD and there are speculations that the deal might go as high as 800 Million USD.

While talking with Derek Monias of Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, Ryan Reynolds talks about his expectations. He said, “If we progress with the Ottawa Senators I will be a frothy, rabies-infused fan the likes of which the NHL has never seen... There’s not too much I can say about that now… But I have a real connection to Ottawa, to the community of Ottawa.


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Wrexham Owner Ryan Reynolds Receives the Backing of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman as He Targets Minority Ownership


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Ryan has a deep connection with Canada and a deep love for sports. It makes sense that he was trying to make his dreams come two by owning a piece of the team he loves. That’s how he will feel more connected to the sport.

NHL wants bidders to have him at any cost

According to reports, NHL has sent out a memo to all interested parties to have Ryan Reynolds on their team. Speculations are that they are doing it to infuse the vast fan base of Deadpool actors with the sport. It will help the NHL in better marketing and PR.


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Only time what will who will own the Ottawa Senators. But, the chances of Ryan Reynolds getting a piece of the team are very high!

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