If one star has been considered one of the brightest minds, it is Jamal Musiala. The German soccer player has made a reputation for being one of the most creative players in soccer currently. With 43 career goals already in his career, the player has already been claimed to have similar talent to the legendary Lionel Messi. However, the star has now revealed how Messi and Neymar’s influence played a role in what he has become today.

The German player has already started showing signs of a great career, similar to the Argentine and Brazilian. But in a recent revelation, even his actions on the pitch seemed to be an imprint of Lionel Messi. During a recent interview with Marca, Musiala stated, “I grew up watching Leo and Neymar. They were my favorites because they gave me a lot of fun and brought a lot of joy to the game.

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Speaking on Lionel Messi, the Bayern Munich star continued saying, “I would always stop and watch them—Leo scoring goals or Neymar doing those tricks with the ball. Then I would go to the garden and try to imitate them. I was always a fan of them.” And seems like the actions have paid off for the midfielder.


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On the other hand, Neymar’s influence on him was more about the skills and control of the ball, which has now made him an all-round soccer player. But the 21-year-old is emulating the Argentine in more than one way.

Musiala humbles himself about Lionel Messi

Jamal Musiala was recently handed the prestigious number 10 jersey of the German National team to assume a similar role to Messi on the field. Even former Deutschland great Lothar Matthaus addressed this move. Matthaus affirmed that it is Musiala’s dribbling, speed, and vision in passing, coupled with scoring complex goals, that make him similar to Messi.

However, despite all the praise he received, Jamal Musiala doesn’t compare himself with Lionel Messi. He was the youngest player to debut for FC Bayern in 2020 and has already won four Bundesliga titles and 1 Champions League. However, the star claims that he has a long way to go to reach the 8-time Ballon d’Or winning legacy of Lionel. Nonetheless, he feels that consistent progress and winning titles can pave the way towards such a destination.

On the whole, the player has made a captivating start to his career. He now has an opportunity to win his second Champions League title and will face Real Madrid in the semifinal. However, the star will aim to score his first goal in the knockout match against Real Madrid. As of now, Musiala hasn’t scored a UCL goal since the away game against Galatasaray. So what’s better than doing it against the 14-time Champions League winners?