It’s hard to find love in this day and age. Well, Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp is a lucky man in this regard! The German tactician found love not once but twice, with the Reds’s  head coach enjoying a prosperous relationship with his wife Ulla Sandrock. However, unknown to many, Jurgen Klopp had another partner before meeting the children’s storybook writer. Prior to his marriage with Sandrock, Klopp was in a relationship with Sabine Klopp, with the duo parting ways in 2001.

Jurgen Klopp and Sabine had a long relationship, as the two were together since 1980 before parting ways in 2021. The two also gave birth to Klopp’s eldest, Marc Klopp, in 1988, who followed in his father’s footsteps as a professional soccer player before retiring in 2015 to venture into the world of business.

Sabine was born in 1967, the same as her ex-husband. The duo met each other in their early childhood and dated each other for eight years before tying the knot following the birth of their son. But, they parted ways in 2001. Despite divorce, Sabine reportedly had great ties with his parents and continued to be in touch until their respective deaths.


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Following her divorce from Jurgen Klopp, Sabine has kept her personal life under wraps, with not much known about her life since 2001. While she has been spotted with her son Marc occasionally, there isn’t any contact between her and the Liverpool head coach. According to reports, Sabine’s net worth is said to be close to $100,000, with Klopp’s ex-partner receiving $500,000 following her split with the German tactician.


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Why did Jurgen Klopp and Sabine part ways?

Despite being childhood sweethearts, Jurgen Klopp and Sabine failed to last long. According to reports, the duo had multiple issues with each other, and things turned very sour before their eventual divorce. Reports suggest things were pretty much incorrigible between the two during their divorce. However, the two have never publicly spoken on the issue and continue to maintain their silence to this day.


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It seems like the two have easily moved on, with Jurgen Klopp finding love again with Ulla Sandrock. The Liverpool head coach has been married to his second wife since 2005, with the duo nearing their 20th anniversary. The German tactician’s partner has been his ride-or-die, helping him throughout his decorated career as a soccer manager.

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