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Lionel Messi‘s Inter Miami never loves to settle. The side has done a terrific job so far, assembling one of the best teams in the MLS for the coming season. However, while the side has some of the best names on the planet in their ranks, the same could not be said about their kit for their upcoming MLS campaign. According to reports, sportswear giant Adidas plans to stick to its existing 2022 World Cup kit template for the 2024 edition of the MLS.

There have been multiple kit leaks in the past weeks, with media outlets releasing possible kit images for the upcoming season. Inter Miami’s home kit was one of the first among the leaks, with fans divided by the design. Therefore, they probably hope to replicate Argentina’s success in the World Cup for the next MLS season with this move! Some inspiration, after all!

Adidas plans to stick to the 2022 World Cup template for MLS 2024 kits


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After years of disappointment on the international stage, Lionel Messi finally claimed his crowning glory. Owing to the success, some of Messi’s jerseys were auctioned for exorbitant sums of money. With that in mind, Inter Miami would hope they could use the same national template to create a lucky charm around the team. According to the latest reports, sportswear brand Adidas plans to stick to its initial 2022 World Cup template to produce the kits for MLS’ 2024 campaign.

The template follows the classic design with classic black borders on the cuffs and the collar with the trademark three strips running down the shoulders. While teams were expecting Adidas to follow their new template for the kits, they have reported that the brand is looking to unveil the new line of kits during the 2023 Euros and Copa America to provide a fresh look to national outfits. Probably a welcome change from the archetypal designs of Adidas, according to some. 

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Lionel Messi-led Inter Miami kit fails to impress fans

While there have been a lot of talks surrounding leaked kits, Inter Miami’s possible home kit for the upcoming season has attracted a lot of attention. Fans on social media have been divided with their thoughts when it comes to the kit, with many believing the design to be lurid. The kit has followed the traditional pink palette with the Inter Miami emblem in its center.

However, the design below the emblem has thrown the fans off. Many believe the team could have gone with a cleaner approach and presented their jersey with a classic look. However, a small section of fans who think that the jersey could emerge as a brand statement are eager to get their hands on the fresh fabric.


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What are your thoughts on Inter Miami’s leaked kit for the 2024 season? Let us know in the comments below.

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