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Neymar is in the spotlight again, but this time not for his usual goal-scoring heroics. In a hard-fought World Cup qualifier match against Peru, Ney struggled to find the back of the net. As Brazil managed to secure a 1-0 win, Neymar, rather oddly, blamed the pitch for their struggles. 

Brazil‘s encounter with Peru in the World Cup qualifiers was far from smooth sailing. The team came dangerously close to dropping points early in their qualifying campaign due to a lackluster display. Marquinhos netted a crucial goal in the 90th for a Seleção win. Before that, Brazil had two goals disallowed due to offside, which added to the tension on the field.

After a struggling performance, Neymar complains about ‘bad pitch’


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Minutes after the match, the Brazilian voiced his frustration, and one of the reasons was the stadium’s pitch. Neymar elaborated on the pitch’s issues, highlighting its dry and uneven nature. These conditions led to numerous mistakes on the field, disrupting Brazil’s rhythm.

He stated, “The pitch was very bad, but that’s part of it. It’s South American soccer, and we have to try as hard as we can.”

According to Neymar, the pitch was incredibly dry and challenging to play on. This affected Brazil’s style of play, making it difficult for players who thrive on dribbling and quick passes.

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The frustration extended to disallowed goals as well. Raphinha‘s opportunistic finish was ruled out due to offside in the build-up, leaving Brazil disheartened.

Richarlison also had a goal disallowed in the second half, a decision Neymar found inconclusive and detrimental to the sport. He argued that such decisions take away the excitement of soccer when goals are canceled out due to doubts.

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A new era is drawing in Brazil, with the new head coach sowing his seeds.

Despite the complaints and frustrations, the Brazilian had positive words for the coach

Neymar praised the Brazilian coach Fernando Diniz‘s positivity, courage, and commitment to the team’s improvement. It seems that even in moments of disappointment, there is a sense of optimism within the Brazilian national team.


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As the World Cup qualifying campaign continues, Peru will face Chile on October 12, while Brazil will host Venezuela on the same day. Both teams have their work cut out for them, and how they will perform in the upcoming matches remains to be seen.

As Neymar and Brazil progress in their quest for World Cup glory, questions remain about their ability to consistently deliver exceptional performances.


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Can Neymar regain his scoring prowess, and will Brazil find the rhythm that makes them one of the world’s soccer powerhouses? 

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