Popular Rapper Comes in Defense of Gerard Pique’s Infidelity in Diss Tune Directed Towards Shakira

Published 02/05/2023, 9:30 AM EST

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Shakira released record-breaking BZRP Music Sessions #53 last month, making the news worldwide. The lyrics of the diss track she aimed at her ex, former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, his family, and his new girlfriend. Pique went official with his relationship with Clara Chia after the diss track release.

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Most are supporting the Colombian singer since her separation labeling Pique as a cheater. However, teenage musician Sansixto has come out in support of Pique and has released a diss track directed at the Hips Don’t Lie singer.


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Gerard Pique gets support amid diss track by Shakira

The Rapper released his version of the song wearing the jersey of Pique, and he mostly targeted the lyrics at the alleged tax fraud of Shakira. He named the track D-Clara. Meanwhile, Sansixto has drawn criticism from fans on social media for his version of the diss track.

The lyrics of the track are, “Come on, face it if he pays the tax man, he’s left with nothing


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Come on, declare, only you, the most stung cat

I’ve got 10 Rolexes, I can throw one away

A little bit of Chia for your breakfast

I’ve been with her since I was 21

I’ve been with her since I was 21, and I’ve been with her since I was 22

I hit the bingo; I went out like a boss

A Rolex for Monday, a Casio for Sunday

You better not cry for me, I’m not the same anymore

You just want to be the center of attention……”

It will now be interesting to see how the rapper gets a response on the streaming sites for the track. Many feel it is a stunt to gain fast publicity for the rapper. It has been two weeks since the song was released and has amassed over 800k views on YouTube so far. 

Gerard Pique gets booed at an award ceremony


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Pique is still facing a backlash from fans for cheating on Shakira. It got more intense after Shakira released the diss track, and Pique made his relationship official last month. In the next episode of the saga, fans booed Pique during a recent award ceremony.

Pique joined the Esland Awards 2023, organized by TheGrefg via Twitch on Sunday. They honor the Spanish-speaking content creators with the award, and they invited Pique as a guest. The moment he appeared on the camera, fans started booing the ex-soccer star. 


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The saga is taking fresh turns every passing day, and no one knows how it will end. Let us know your thoughts on the diss track by Sansixto in support of Gerard Pique. 



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