Hungary is looking for a revival in soccer, trying to reach beyond the round of 16 in Euros after 52 years. After creating some soccer greats Ferenc Puskás and Florian Albert, the country is now looking at the current generation to raise its reputation once again. However, one player who got noticed this time is their striker, Martin Adam. The Hungary #9 caught the eyes of the fans after he entered the pitch in the 79th minute because of his big personality. Reports suggest he weighs 189 pounds and has become a topic of discussion on social media. But is he one of the heaviest players in soccer?

Meanwhile, despite the attention, Adam is positive about his soccer spell. Stating that it is his natural build, he stated, “I was born this way, I have this body shape. I’m not saying that I was this big when I was born, but I have a basic physique. Genetics — I can’t change that,” smashing all the body shaming comments.

Most of the comments on social media have been positive towards the star, making him a favorite, except for a few. Despite the importance of weight in soccer, certain players have proven that exceptional talent and physique can coexist, making weight just one aspect of their athletic nature. Hence, let’s look at the soccer stars who weigh the highest.


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List of the heaviest players in soccer

  1. William Foulke

The player from England existed even before the World Cups began. Playing in the late nineteenth century and early 20th century, he was expected to be around 336 pounds and stood 6 feet 2 inches tall. Serving as a goalkeeper for Sheffield United, he also had a stint with Chelsea. Foulke also won the First Division in 1898.

2. Adriano

The Brazilian was quite a popular star in the 2000s. He was a regular starter for Brazil and led them to a Confederations Cup title in 2005, scoring 5 goals and winning 4 Serie A titles with Inter Milan. Although he was moderately built initially, he later weighed approximately 253 pounds while playing for his last club, Miami United.

3. Cristian Fabbiani

Fabbiani was an Argentine forward who played for South American giants like River Plate and Newell’s Old Boys. During his spell, a couple of clubs asked him to lose weight after he was observed to be above 220 pounds. While playing for Independiente Rivadavia, he was estimated to be around 227 pounds.


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4. Adebayo Akinfenwa

The former player played for lower-tier English clubs from 2001 to 2023. The player during his playing days also weighed approximately 227 pounds. Yet he scored over 215 goals and provided 97 assists in his career. He played over 700 games in his career spanning over 2 decades and was called out a few times for his weight. Yet the star has received accolades, including the Golden Boot in EFL League 2 in 2012.

5. Ferenc Puskas


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Probably one of the greatest players in the world during his time, the former Hungarian forward used to score goals effortlessly. With almost reaching 300 goals for club and country in a few matches, Puskas reported reaching 220 pounds during his latter days. Upon turning 30, the star was pressurized to reduce his weight.

Hence, even great players have shown that higher weight can be a part of their lives. Although excess was gained during the latter stages of their career, Adam does not feel he’s reached such a stage of gaining excess. Martin Adam also doesn’t make the list as one of the heaviest soccer players.