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Recent times have not been easy for Manchester United‘s very own Marcus Rashford. It recently came to light that he suffered a family tragedy ahead of the Red Devils’ match against Everton. The English star, let the fanbase know about one of his cousin’s untimely death on social media. The soccer universe came together to console their homegrown star as he dedicated the well-taken penalty to his cousin.

Rashford has been struggling to bring back last season’s ecstatic form. The Englishman has managed just two goals in 17 games. While the much-loved winger is going through difficult personal times, Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes’ gesture to let him take the penalty was quite heartwarming.

Fanbase outpours love and support for Marcus Rashford, who mourns a family loss


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Marcus Rashford slammed in a goal from the spot against Everton. Almost a day after the game, the Englishman posted a picture of himself in open arms, in which he looked towards the heavens. He wrote, “I would like to dedicate the goal yesterday to my cousin who recently passed away. GBNF”. The fans were quick to unite and share their condolences for their very own soccer star. Here are a few of them.

The fans felt quite disheartened by the news of Rashford’s cousin’s demise. The phrase ‘Rest in Peace’ was present in every third comment along with a flurry of red hearts for the iconic Red Devil.

Amid the sadness, there were supporters who also attempted to encourage Rashford in these difficult times.

Fans were quick to let the soccer star know that were standing by his side.

The diehard fanbase also hoped for his well-being.

Supporters also applauded his gesture on social media, terming it as ‘honorable and beautiful’.

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Even rival fans shoved the rivalry aside and unhesitantly showcased their support for Marcus Rashford.


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In the upcoming days, Marcus Rashford will miss out on the crucial UEFA Champions League game against Galatasaray due to suspension. However, he could bring back the glory days against Newcastle United on the weekend. All in all, the reactions were quite heartfelt from the fanbase. As always, the soccer universe forgot the barriers of rivalry and conflict to unite and support their very own grieving star.

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