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Stepping Into Gerard Pique’s Footsteps, $37,350,000 FC Barcelona Star Ready to Embark on New Business Journey

Published 09/24/2023, 11:27 AM EDT

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.In the world of football, success is often defined by goals scored, saves made, and championships won. However, beyond the field, some players are quietly making strides in the business world, just like Barcelona’s stalwart defender, Gerard Piqué. Now, it seems that another Blaugrana star is ready to follow in Pique’s entrepreneurial footsteps. In an exclusive interview, the $37,350,000 valued star reveals a lesser-known facet of his life – a journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

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The FC Barcelona star opened up about his burgeoning business ventures, unveiling his latest investment, and reflecting on the valuable lessons he’s learned from his teammate and mentor, Gerard Piqué. Let’s unveil this story further to know more about the scenario revolving around FC Barcelona players.

Inspired by Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona star player starts a new business journey.


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It was FC Barcelona and German National team goalkeeper Marc Andre ter Stegen, who sat down for an exclusive interview with El Pais. The FC Barcelona goalie shared insights into his entrepreneurial journey. He emphasized the influence of Gerard Pique, who has successfully balanced his football career with investments in various businesses. Ter Stegen has been crucial for Barcelona in the past. Consistently making incredible saves and earning his place among the world’s top goalkeepers. However, his ambitions extend beyond the football pitch.

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One of the recent ventures that Ter Stegen has invested in is Cafe de Finca. The newly formed coffee-based cafe is making waves already in Barcelona. But the interesting question is, what drove Ter Stegen to dive into the world of coffee beans and barista culture?


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During the interview, when asked, “Is Gerard Pique the example to follow for the footballer-entrepreneur?” Ter Stegen emphasized the influence of Gerard Pique and believes it is Pique’s fearlessness in the face of business risks that serves as a guiding light for soccer players looking to step into the business world.

He said, “Gerard isn’t afraid of being wrong. He calculates the risk, of course… but the risk doesn’t make him think differently. You can always have people who can help you, people you can trust… but no matter how much a [business venture] is analyzed, there’s always a risk.”

Ter Stegen acknowledged that while footballers may be prepared to excel on the field, the same cannot be said for their readiness in the business world. He stated he has been proactive in his pursuit of business knowledge, reading books, and engaging in discussions with advisors and legal experts to navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

Ter Stegen seems ready to learn the art of Entrepreneurship

Ter Stegen’s revelation about his entrepreneurial ambitions sheds light on the evolving landscape of professional athletes. In the modern era, soccer players are increasingly becoming business-minded individuals who recognize their influence off the pitch. With Ter Stegen ready to embark on a new business prospect, his journey serves as a testament to the idea that practice and partnerships are key to success in the business realm.


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Even though Barcelona’s goalkeeper admits that failure is a possibility, he values the experiences gained along the way. With Gerard Pique as his inspiration, Ter Stegen is poised to continue making waves not only as a star goalkeeper but also as an entrepreneur.

It is exciting to witness the growth of these off-field endeavors initiated by sports personalities. Whether it’s through a steaming cup of coffee or a bicycle rental start-up, these athletes are scoring goals in the world of business.


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