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“The Rumor Is True” – After ‘Cheating’ Rumors, Wrexham Owner Rob McElhenney Backs Wife Kaitlin Olson With a Hilarious Response

Published 07/04/2023, 6:28 AM EDT

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In recent times, Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney has been in the limelight. But not for soccer-related reasons. The Hollywood actor and his wife are unexpectedly dealing with infidelity rumors. Just hours ago, his loving wife Kaitlin Olson addressed the fanbase in a humorous manner. Adding to her witty statement, Olson’s better half also felt that it was necessary to make a comment. And he did it in a hilarious way.

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For the last few months, the popular actor has been quite busy with his Welsh soccer club. Wrexham has just won promotion to the EFL League Two. Speaking about relationships, the club’s co-owners share an unbreakable bond. Once, McElhenney snubbed his wife for the Deadpool star.

McElhenney approves of his wife’s humorous statement!


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Undoubtedly, this public controversy involving the two of them is quite surprising. Hours after the infidelity reports surfaced on social media, Kaitlin Olson responded to them. Instead of directly getting to the point, she decided to have a little bit of fun. On Twitter, she wrote, “It was me who had the affair. But it was not with someone from Wales”.

“It was with a whale. I’ve always loved whales. They’re the bosses of the ocean and I’m attracted to power. We ask for privacy as we navigate this difficult time”. While confusing the fanbase, these witty words also brought a smile to everybody’s face. Just minutes after Olson posted the tweet, McElhenney added to the drama. He definitely intended on backing his long-time partner.


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He quoted, “Sad to admit that the rumor is true. However some of the details are…. Incorrect”. He also added a ‘heartbreaking emoji’. The two of them tied the knot back in 2008. They’ve been together for more than 15 years, currently with two children. They first met each other on the sets of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.

For this next part, we bring another comedic actor to the forefront. Possibly, an individual who McElhenney talks to more than his wife! Let’s dive deeper.

Rob McElhenney once snubbed his wife for his Wrexham partner


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Also known as his ‘partner-in-crime’, McElhenney once snubbed his wife for Ryan Reynolds. The three of them were in the stands for a Wrexham game. The Welsh soccer club managed to score a goal and the stadium went berserk. Even before Kaitlin Olson could turn toward her husband for a hug, McElhenney didn’t think twice. He embraced his co-owner by hugging him before anybody else.

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Olson had no choice but to continue clapping. Later, she addressed that moment during an interview. But she didn’t seem upset at that moment. She did highlight that her husband ‘aggressively’ jumped into Reynolds’ arms. To which, McElhenney replied, “In fairness, who wouldn’t wanna jump into the arms of Ryan Reynolds?”.


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