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Following the high of a historic back-to-back promotion, Wrexham has been uncharacteristically silent in the transfer window. As per manager Phil Parkinson, League One is a ‘big test‘ and to compete, the side needs fresh faces. Despite being linked to a host of names including Jamie Vardy, the Red Dragons is yet to see a single incoming. Has something gone wrong behind the scenes at STōK Cae Ras? Well, the manager does not think so and has reassured the supporters, insisting that the club is in a ‘good place.

Speaking to the Leader, the English manager confirmed that the club has indeed had chats with their transfer targets. He said, “There’s lots of options out there at the moment and we are just having chats with a few players and agents which is normal at this time of the year.” Yet, why is the club holding back on transfers? The Wrexham boss explained that the season has just concluded in many leagues and hence teams are yet to release retained lists.

Parkinson did say that he is happy with the options at the table. But, a transfer is still not close to completion. He said, “Nothing is certainly imminent but hopefully by the start of the season we will have recruited some good players.” It is worth noting that Wrexham has released 8 players recently. Hence, the club needs players in both quantity and quality. But, the Red Dragons simply don’t sign any player on the market. Phil Parkinson has given an insight into the club’s recruitment strategy.


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Phil Parkinson opens up on the kind of players he wants at Wrexham

A big praise for Ryan Reynolds’ side is how good they have been at making shrewd transfers. The recruitment strategy has played a key role in Wrexham’s meteoric rise over the past 2 years. But, what exactly is the thought process behind finalizing a target? Manager Phil Parkinson explained, “Yeah, I’m a good player. I want to be part of this but equally remain humble at the same time.” It seems the club wants players with a good personality in addition to being good at soccer.

The manager also added that any potential incoming should be brave. He explained, “You’ve got to have a certain courage to play in front of a full house every week.” The coach is spot on as STōK Cae Ras has one of the most intense atmospheres of any soccer stadium in Europe. The mental fortitude required to perform at the top level with such demanding supporters won’t be easy.

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