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Ryan Reynolds has been on a high note since his takeover of Wrexham AFC in 2021. The team’s performance has been on the rise since and the Hollywood star has developed a deep love for both soccer and the town of Wrexham. However, not all of Reynolds’ endeavors have been as successful. One prime example of this is his involvement in a disastrous $200 million budget movie, which, despite its failure, still proved lucrative for the actor.

Reynolds at the moment couldn’t be happier about Wrexham AFC’s recent success in the EFL League Two. Despite a lackluster start to the season, the team has now embarked on an undefeated streak, culminating in a recent convincing 3-0 victory over Grimsby Town. These triumphs have brought Wrexham to 4th place in the league table and closer to Reynolds’ dream of promotion.

Ryan Reynolds walked off with a fat check from his disastrous project


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While Wrexham’s success has brought immense joy to Ryan Reynolds, let’s also reflect on a past disappointment in his career that still is a part of his life. That is his involvement in the superhero movie Green Lantern, released in 2011. Green Lantern, a beloved character from the DC comics, had the potential to be a blockbuster hit. The movie boasted a budget of a whopping $200 million, promising viewers an epic and visually stunning superhero adventure.

Unfortunately, the movie fell short of expectations and was widely regarded as a commercial failure. Despite its massive budget, Green Lantern only managed to gross $220 million worldwide. This was a disappointing result considering the high production costs and the anticipation surrounding the film.


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To this day, Green Lantern is the subject of jokes and ridicule within the entertainment industry, with Reynolds himself often leading the charge in poking fun at the film’s shortcomings. However, despite its failure at the box office, Green Lantern still proved to be a profitable venture for Ryan Reynolds. The actor reportedly earned around $15 million for his role in the film.

While this may not seem like a significant sum compared to his net worth of $350 million, this was the actor’s first big paycheck. The movie’s failure was undoubtedly a blow to Reynolds’ career at the time. Nonetheless, he has since bounced back with numerous successful projects. He is best known for his portrayal of Deadpool, a character he brought to life in a successful film franchise. Despite all this, Reynolds ‘greatest experience’ is still his soccer team.

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Not Hollywood but Wrexham is Reynolds ‘greatest experience’


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As mentioned earlier, Ryan Reynolds has developed a deep affection for Wrexham since the takeover. The journey they’ve been on together has been filled with both triumphs and setbacks. Despite the initial disappointment of failing to secure promotion in the first season, they persevered and eventually experienced the thrill of promotion, celebrating a well-deserved National League trophy.

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The bond between Reynolds and this Welsh soccer club is undeniable, with him declaring it to be the most incredible experience of his entire life. In a past interview, he expressed his genuine love for this team. The Hollywood star stated, “Genuinely speaking, it has been the greatest experience of my entire life. This adventure has been unlike anything else.” Without a doubt, the involvement of the beloved Deadpool star in the world of soccer has been an extraordinary and cherished endeavor.


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