The entire English soccer fraternity has been sent into a frenzy in the last eight hours. The English Football Association made a major announcement earlier tonight, with the association now scrapping the replay rule for the FA Cup. This is an enormous blow for smaller teams, who now have an even tougher chance of getting past top-tier teams. Wrexham fans are not too pleased with the announcement and have taken out their frustration on co-chairman Ryan Reynolds and the club, with the management yet to issue a statement on the association’s decision.

Meanwhile, Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola has already spoken on the issue. The Spaniard addressed the English Football Association’s decision during his press conference ahead of the team’s FA Cup semifinal clash against Chelsea. Guardiola stated, “It was built for lower clubs to give the opportunity to play big clubs and get money. For that sense, it’s a problem. Absolutely. For big clubs in Europe, it’s much better. We have less games, and to find balance is difficult.”


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Guardiola’s comments relate to the lower-division teams, who have a tighter calendar and don’t have a lot of chances to lock horns against top-tier teams. These games give smaller teams the chance to earn better revenue thanks to their contest against the heavyweights. Teams like Wrexham have to rely on competitions such as the FA Cup as their only chance to face teams such as Manchester City, apart from friendlies.

Wrexham fans demand answers from Ryan Reynolds

While the entire English soccer community is busy discussing the FA Cup announcement, Ryan Reynolds and Paul Mullin dropped the trailer for Welcome to Wrexham Season 3. This did not sit well with the fans as they commented under the post demanding the club and the owner to issue an official statement over the announcement.

One fan claimed that while the trailer was cool, a statement on the FA Cup announcement would be better.

Another fan claimed the documentary can go on hold, the club needs to issue a statement first.

Another fan shared a similar opinion, claiming the club needs to prioritize the statement.

One fan felt like others should give the owners some time as they already know the pain of FA Cup replays.


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Another fan had a sarcastic reason as he asked the club if the documentary included the FA Cup statement.


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It seems like Wrexham fans won’t be calming down anytime soon unless they get an official statement from the club. Meanwhile, Ryan and Rob could get the benefit of the doubt in the situation with the two not that familiar with the ins and outs of the regulations. What’s your take on the situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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