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“USA Isn’t Going to Remain No. 1”- American Women’s Soccer Star Hope Solo Makes a Big Statement

Published 11/24/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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Hope Solo, the legendary goalkeeper for USWNT, had predicted the team’s future back in March. Solo served USWNT from 2000 to 2016. She is a legend and one of the best goalkeepers ever to grace the pitch. She is among some of the most outspoken players in the sport. Hope had made a very noteworthy prediction about the future of USWNT. She appeared in an interview, where she was asked about the current USWNT.

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FOS asked her various questions, some mainly related to her time on the team. There were some burning questions as well like the team’s equal pay battle with the US Soccer Federation. 


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Hope Solo on equal pay battle 

In the podcast, Hope Solo called the 24 Million USD settlement between USWNT and US Soccer Federation “Pathetic.” She also stated that she was “gutted and betrayed” by the settlement. 

While stating her strong feelings against it, she said, “When it comes to equal pay, it shouldn’t be based on contingencies and conditions. The [settlement] number, as well, is a fraction of what we were going for. Many of the former players will not get paid, and many of the players who started this fight back in 2015 will not be beneficiaries of it. So to me, it’s a selfish deal, a deal everybody just wanted to get done and move forward.”


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Future of USWNT and rise of other teams

Front Office Sports asked Solo about the team’s potential future. The USWNT had been a dominant force in the sport for an extended period. However, Solo thinks that many nations are raising their standard and the skills that may give competition to USWNT.


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Hope Solo believed countries like Spain are doing so much better. She also called Italy, Netherlands, England, and Sweden on better performance.

She stated, “I think in the near future, the USA isn’t going to remain No. 1. I think it’s a wonderful thing, too.

She believes that other countries doing better are going to do better for the sport. 


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Solo Hope has always been an outspoken and controversial about her views. But being a legend comes with a responsibility, and she understands it. Her opinions on the equal pay battle are controversial. However, she has acknowledged the development of women’s soccer in other nations as well. This is a good sign for women’s sports as whole. 

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