Youtuber, Darren Watkins Jr, aka IShowSpeed, seems to be fascinated by Cristiano Ronaldo and his family. After hilariously asking Ronaldo Nazario, “Your name is Ronaldo. Are you Cristiano Ronaldo’s father”, Speed is in Saudi Arabia to attend the Riyadh Season Cup. Despite cheering on for Al Nassr, the internet sensation took the time to meet his good friend Cristiano Jr. And Jr’s height seems to have raised some funny concerns for the YouTuber.

Speed was in attendance to watch the youth team of Al Nassr in action. On his livestream, Darren met the U13 star after the match and said, “Good game Jr, good game.” However, his tone changed as CR7’s son approached him. Speed couldn’t believe how much the teen had grown. He even asked Cristiano Jr, “Why are you almost taller than me?” Although Jr. did not address the question, he seemed to ask Speed to excuse him for 2 minutes. Currently, both stand at 5’8″ (173 cm). Considering that Cristiano Ronaldo stands over 6 ft, his son could well surpass Speed, by the time they meet next.


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This is not the first time Speed & Cristiano Jr.’s friendship came into the limelight. Back in 2022, the YouTube sensation shocked the internet by face-timing Jr. In fact, in 2023, when Speed finally achieved his dream of meeting CR7, the Portuguese star said, “My son told me, that you’re going to be here.” Hence, Speed & Jr. are evidently in contact, behind the scenes as well.

Although Speed enjoyed Inter Miami’s defeat to Al Hilal, the highlight of his Saudi visit is something else. And it’s something that has left even die-hard fans of CR7 scratching their heads.

While in Riyadh, did Speed visit Cristiano Ronaldo’s house?


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Speed & Cristiano Jr. met up again following the Al Nassr U13 match. The duo were seen hanging out in a house. However, it wasn’t clear if they were on Cristiano Ronaldo’s property in Riyadh or at a friend’s house. In fact, it is believed that they even recorded a video together. However, one thing is certain.


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The duo played soccer together at a local turf in Riyadh. Images have emerged in which Speed can be seen donning a Manchester United jersey while Jr. opted for the white Real Madrid kit. What are your thoughts on the Speed & Cristiano Ronaldo’s son’s friendship? Tell us in the comments below.

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