All sports fans love to see the drama that happens behind the scenes. Videos of dressing room banter or after-match parties are things that draw a club and its fans closer. It’s just like the club is trying to offer the fans something personalized apart from excellent performances on the pitch.

There have been many behind-the-scenes videos of soccer players that have gone viral. Players and managers dancing to a new TikTok routine is always a funny sight to watch.


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Lately, Crystal Palace F.C. posted a few videos on social media that got their fans very amused. The latest video involves USMNT star Chris Richards showing a few of his dance moves on camera.

Why has Chris Richards gone viral?

Recently, Crystal Palace’s social media has gone viral. Even though the Eagles lost their first game after the FIFA World Cup, the fan’s attention is elsewhere.

The video that surfaced online involved the Crystal Palace’s cheerleaders. In the video, the cheerleaders are dancing to a pre-planned routine. However, just before the song ends, the cheerleaders move to the side. They make way for Chris Richards, who strides his way into the frame and joyfully continues the dance routine.

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Earlier this month, a similar video had gone viral. It was the cheerleaders again, dancing to the same routine. But this time Crystal Palace’s manager enters the room from behind. It was quite a funny scene because Vieira looked quite clueless.

Will Crystal Palace finish in the top half this season?

The Eagles suffered a heartbreaking 3-0 derby loss to rivals Fulham. It proved to be too much of a steep slope to climb for the Eagles. Fulham was leading 1-0 at halftime. The Eagles were already at a disadvantage after Tyrick Mitchell received a red card. It then went from bad to worse after another red card came Palace’s way in the second half. The Eagles ended up losing the game 3-0.

Palace appointed Patrick Vieira as their new manager before the 2021 season started. It was a 3-year deal along with a long-term vision. The Eagles hadn’t been doing very well under the reigns of former manager Roy Hodgson.


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Palace finished the 2021/22 season in 12 place. After being much closer to the relegation zone after the last couple of seasons. Fans considered this a respectable end to Vieira’s first season.

However, this season the Eagles will hope to secure a top-half finish after purchasing a few good young players during the summer transfer window. Currently, Crystal Palace is 12 on the points table. However, there’s not much room for comfort after considering the points gap between the teams above and below them.


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Do you think Crystal Palace will secure a top-half finish this season? Let us know in the comments below.