Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo Once Made an ‘Assist’ That Awakened a Youngster From Three-Month Coma

Published 03/31/2023, 1:53 PM EDT

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a household name in the world of soccer and a role model for millions of fans worldwide. His impact on the game of soccer is incomparable and the force he brings onto the field is awe-inspiring. In his long career, he has achieved stellar performances and mesmerized the crowd time and time again.

However, one goal of his changed a young boy’s life forever. It’s difficult to tell when a person’s belief or a single action can have a profound effect on someone’s life. But can you believe that Cristiano Ronaldo once scored a goal on the pitch that turned out to be a real-life ‘assist’ for a young boy to wake up from his three-month coma?! Here’s how this astonishing incident happened.


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How Cristiano Ronaldo did the impossible

Dawid Pawłaczyk, a Polich soccer fan, is an ardent fan of Ronaldo and idolized him. However, in 2013, tragedy struck Pawłaczyk, and he met with a serious bike accident. He was put into a coma and viewed as unresponsive in a state of prolonged loss of consciousness by doctors.

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The doctors and the family were desperate to find a way to try and wake him from the comatose state. At the suggestion of a doctor, the family decided to make use of Dawid’s fondness for the soccer star and placed a headset to his ear with audio of Ronaldo’s matches playing.


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Little did everyone know, a single goal flawlessly executed by the star on November 19, 2013, at a World Cup qualifier between Portugal and Sweden became the stimulator needed to wake Pawłaczyk from his long sleep. When the audio of the goal played in his ears, the young boy miraculously woke up. The teen was soon discharged from the hospital and even got to meet his hero.

Ronaldo’s meeting with Dawid Pawłaczyk

Like the whole world, Cristiano Ronaldo was also captivated by the news of this incredible incident. Following his recovery and discharge, in 2014, Ronaldo invited Pawłaczyk and his family to Madrid to attend Real Madrid’s Champions League quarter-final match against Borussia Dortmund in the stadium with all expenses covered.

More importantly, following the match, the young fan got to meet his idol in person and was graciously given CR7’s valuable jersey as a memento. Further, two years later, in 2016, he got another chance to meet the superstar again and Ronaldo was delighted to see that he was doing well.


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Isn’t the story of Dawid and Cristiano Ronaldo a wholesome one? What are your thoughts on this incredulous incident? Let us know in the comments.

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