Can England trust Daniele Orsato to be fair, given his controversial past decisions?

Renowned Italian referee Daniele Orsato will take charge of England’s UEFA Euro quarter-final game against Switzerland today. Having refereed England’s group game win against Serbia, the Germany-Switzerland group game, and Portugal’s last 16 tie against Slovenia, Orsato is gearing up for his fourth game at the ongoing Euros. Having started his stint as a FIFA-listed referee in 2010, Orsato is one of the big names in the refereeing world right now. However, as much as the fame he has attracted, the 48-year-old has also garnered infamy for certain controversial decisions.

Daniele Orsato first flirted with controversy in 2018, when he failed to show a second yellow card to former Juventus star Miralem Pjanic in a game against AC Milan. Incidentally, Juventus beat Milan, forcing pundits and fans to question Orsato’s dealing with the Pjanic incident. Years later, Orsato apologized and said that was a mistake. Besides this, the Italian official has so infamous an equation with the Spanish giants Real Madrid that its players view it as a nightmare if Orsato were to referee their games. In the 2020 UEFA Champions League knockout game between Madrid and Manchester City, Orsato gave a late penalty in City’s favor and also red-carded Los Blanco’s defensive anchor Sergio Ramos, triggering a domino effect that led to Madrid’s exit.

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Madrid’s Vinicius Jr condemned the referee by saying Orsato turned a blind eye when City’s Gabriel Jesus fouled his way to score their first goal. Besides, Madrid star Luka Modric has accused the Italian referee of wrongly denying a corner kick to Croatia in the 2022 World Cup semi-final against Argentina. Modric lamented that Orsato’s refereeing judgments were a “disaster.” Anyhow, Orsato has not created controversy in this Euro so far. Since England and Switzerland are both heavyweights, in-game tensions could perhaps lead to players arguing with Orsato.


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While all these controversies remain, it must be noted that Daniele Orsato is having his swan song in this UEFA Euro.

Daniele Orsato to call it a day after the UEFA Euro

Not long back, Daniele Orsato’s eyes welled up after refereeing his last UEFA Champions League game in the second leg of the semi-final meeting between PSG and Borussia Dortmund. The UEFA gave him a guard of honor that night, thanking the veteran for his stellar services. Thereafter, he took charge of his last club game- an Atalanta-Fiorentina tie in the Serie A and departed with a guard of honor.

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Orsato began his last dance by officiating England’s first group game in the ongoing Euros. It remains to be seen as to which other games the veteran Italian referee would officiate in the ongoing Euros. Tonight, fellow Italians, Ciro Carbone and Alessandro Giallittini will assist Orsato from the sidelines. What are your thoughts on Orsato’s storied, yet controversial career?