From leading races to sign key players to losing out on big names, Wrexham has been having a busy transfer season lately. Well, it is no surprise, considering the Welsh side has returned to the glorious EFL League One after a 19-year exile. In the last few days, the Red Dragons fans woke up to bad news that some of their targets don’t fancy a move to the Racecourse Ground. However, a recent update might rekindle hopes for the Wrexham faithful, as Phil Parkinson could finally poach his coveted striker from Millwall.

The Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney-owned team is planning to sign Millwall striker Tom Bradshaw. The 31-year-old has entered the final year of his Millwall contract and is reportedly mulling a move this summer. During his Bolton Wanderers stint, Phil Parkinson, notably, wanted to sign Bradshaw. But the latter joined Millwall instead, as per The Wrexham Insider.

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While Bradshaw had failed to impress last season, he put up a staggering 17 goals in the 2022-23 season, meaning he can still bolster Wrexham’s frontline if he were to join Parkinson’s camp. Additionally, Bradshaw is a Wales international, and therefore it is not beyond him to consider a move closer to home.


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Considering Wrexham’s recent transfer rumors, it is clear that Parkinson and Co. are going bullish on their already sublime forward line. So, let’s look at other strikers who could potentially join the Red Dragons.


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Which strikers are on Phil Parkinson’s radar?

Wrexham’s forward line already brims with star power, as it houses big names such as Paul Mullin and Ollie Palmer, among others. But Phil Parkinson is sure that these stalwarts need more support to fare well in League One’s more competitive space. Hence, he is trying to poach Wigan Athletic striker Stephen Humphrys to the Stok Cae Ras. Humphrys is reportedly more inclined to choose Wrexham as his next destination, amid interest from other heavyweight clubs such as Birmingham City.


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Besides, Wrexham is also expected to summon back young striker Jake Bickerstaff who is currently serving a loan stint with the League Two club Accrington. While it might sound bizarre and unreal, Rob McElhenney recently retried to lure Real Madrid legend Gareth Bale to return from retirement and join the Red Dragons. Even though such rumors are keeping fans happy on one hand, Wrexham has also missed out on potentially fruitful signings. They lost the chance to pair Paul Mullin with his former teammate Joe Ironside. Parkinson’s pursuit of Joe Morrell has also gone awry.

So, the next few days are crucial for the Dragons to set those forgetful pursuits straight and sign important players.