Sochi Thinking of a Future F1 Night Race

The Sochi Autodrom

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of interest in F1 hosting night races. Now, Russia is not ruling out making its grand prix a night race in future.

Although Sochi has been on the calendar since 2014, the organisation of the event has been taken over by a company called Rosgonki.

It is headed by Alexei Titov, and he told Ria Novosti news agency that a night race is on the table for the future.

“We are always trying to find the best option that would be convenient for the fans and economically justified,” he said.

Russian GP

“Now we seem to have the best option, with the Olympic Park against the backdrop of the sea and the mountains that look great on the TV in beautiful September.

“But we cannot rule out the option that one of the races will be at night,” Titov added.

But that will be a thought for the future, and the future alone. For now, all the teams are preparing for the 2018 edition of the GP. Lewis Hamilton heads into the race with a 40-point advantage and Ferrari on the back foot. Russia is a circuit that usually suits Mercedes, since they have won nearly every race.

But then again, the same was said for Ferrari and Singapore and look how that turned out. However, coming back to the subject of night races, the trend was likely started by Singapore. Ever since its debut in 2008, there was a slow but growing appeal towards night races.

Soon, Abu Dhabi got in on the action, but they opted for evening-to-night F1 races instead of full-blown night races. Also, in 2014, to commemorate its 10th anniversary, the Bahrain officials elected to host the circuit’s first night race and the sport’s 2nd. Now, it seems that even Sochi want to entertain the thought of hosting a night race.

Will Russia join the likes of Singapore and Abu Dhabi


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