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Somebody Has to Make the First Move – Haas F1

Somebody Has to Make the First Move – Haas F1

Earlier this year, the Haas F1 team said that they will decide their 2019 driver line-up after the summer break. The difficult choice has been made even more complex for Haas due to its improved form over recent race weekends.

Now that they have successfully combatted their tyre issues, it has allowed the American outfit to take a significant step forward this year. There has also been a massive improvement from the Ferrari power unit.

But, the American team’s progress cannot be judged solely on the fact that it is currently fifth in the team standings. However, there has been an outcry from rivals who claim it is effectively a B-team for Ferrari.

Haas F1
Haas F1

While Haas F1 could retain Kevin Magnussen, Romain Grosjean’s seat is under threat. The team are reportedly eyeing Alfa Romeo-Sauber’s Charles Leclerc as a candidate. In the meantime, the youngster continues his apprenticeship before a full-time move to Maranello.

“I wouldn’t say we are shopping around,” said team boss Guenther Steiner. “You know, a lot of people are shopping with us, put it that way. There are people asking for obvious reasons and they want to see what we are doing and if somebody is asking that doesn’t mean they want to come, in my opinion, they might just be asking to see what other people are doing.

“We will decide after the holiday what we are going to do but at the moment we don’t think about it. There are a lot of people asking and it is part of my job to know what is happening in the market place.

“Yeah there is more interest, but I have a good relationship with a lot of these guys anyway. I’ve got relationships with people and you just talk and they ask what is going on here and I give them the same answer.

Haas F1 Boss Guenther Steiner
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