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“Sounds Like a Boomer”- PewDiePie Reacts to Joe Rogan’s Comments on Video Games

“Sounds Like a Boomer”- PewDiePie Reacts to Joe Rogan’s Comments on Video Games

A few days ago, Joe Rogan voiced his opinion about video games on his podcast. According to him, video games are addictive, fun, and ‘a waste of time’. This obviously triggered the gaming community that believes otherwise. Even popular streamer Ninja responded to his comments which you can read about here. Now, YouTube star PewDiePie has taken matters into his own hands and has voiced his opinion about the same.

Felix starts off by looking at the clip of Joe Rogan comparing Jiu-jitsu to video games. He passes a few sarcastic comments here and there. He also jokes that he should just quit YouTube and go learn Jiu-jitsu. But he also explains what Joe meant when he said that you’ll be wasting your time waiting for a new video game. Felix mentions that Jiu-jitsu helps you learn a new skill for life while video games have a cycle where they come and go. But, he feels that jiu-jitsu is the worst example ever for this topic.

PewDiePie also makes a valid point by saying ‘You don’t have to be good at gaming to make a living’.

This does make sense considering there are a lot of streamers who make their living by streaming and are NOT professional players.

PewDiePie says Joe sounds like a boomer

Felix also says that Joe talking about video games is like him talking about makeup. He has very little knowledge about makeup and in Joe’s case, video games. He also didn’t spend much time on Ninja’s response and quickly switched to a few comments on Twitter. Felix then explains how Joe Rogan ‘really just sounds like a boomer’.

No, he did not mean to insult Joe in any way by saying this. In fact, he made a very valid point by saying that it is just the generational gap that exists. He explained this gap with an example of how there must’ve been a time when people scoffed at those who read novels and asked them to go out in the real world. He also didn’t like all the streamers calling Joe out for his opinion.

Not everyone can make it big

Felix says ‘I love the idea that I can inspire my audience or people in general if they want to pursue YouTube and other gaming-related things. Go for it. But I don’t want to sell people on that pipe dream that it’s possible to make it for everyone because it isn’t’‘ That’s just the reality of life. But does this mean you shouldn’t pursue your dreams? No’

He adds to this by saying that it is the same for any other sport or career, too.

He also goes back to Joe’s point where he says that video games are addictive. That they are a dopamine high and can be bad if kids are addicted to it. He also was probably addicted to video games too in his childhood. ‘Even though there are a ton of benefits of video games like logical thinking, puzzle-solving, reaction time, it can help you get out of mental health situations and there are tons of positive benefits’.

Gaming is fun but not above criticism

But he believes that gaming isn’t above criticism either. According to him, Joe was probably trying to get at the addiction part of the video games and just gave a terrible example for it.

He also says that it’s good to invite someone to try something else. ‘Is life about trying to build something big for yourself or just enjoying yourself? I think, personally, it’s just a balance of both’.

Pewds also mentions how he may be turning into a boomer because he got into reading a couple of years ago. He also believes that he doesn’t learn as much from video games as he does from books.

He concludes by saying that video games are fun but ‘try to find a balance. I think that’s what makes life fun.’

This was a refreshingly different take on Joe’s comments. Instead of just tearing into him, Felix actually tried to understand where he was coming from. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because Joe doesn’t agree with ours doesn’t mean he has something against the entire community. It could be that he hasn’t focused on how much the industry has changed over the years and that’s completely fine. It’s like PewDiePie said, it’s all about finding the balance.


Sources: PewDiePie Youtube

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