Former F1 Champion Advises Sebastian Vettel to Open Up to the Fans and “Express Himself”

May 30, 2020 11:47 am

Sebastian Vettel is the talk of the F1 town. The 4-time world champion parted ways with Ferrari a little over two weeks ago. Since that day there has been endless speculation as to where he’ll end up at, for the 2021 season. Some think that the German will move to Mercedes in place of Valtteri Bottas, while others feel he should take a year off.

The next person to offer Sebastian Vettel some more advice is a 2- time world champion in F1.

“Sebastian Vettel needs to express himself more”- Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen

Former F1 driver and 2-time world champion, Mika Hakkinen was the latest personality to be interviewed on the ‘F1 Nation’ podcast this week.

When asked about Vettel, Mika said,  “ His age is not a problem, he’s still a young guy. He had a big disappointment with Ferrari. Enjoyment of the team-work disappeared for Vettel. He was criticized enormously all the time, in a team, this kind of pressure has to be shared.

Furthermore, he added, “ He’s a great personality, he’s a nice guy. I know him for many, many years. When he opens up about himself, his family, his career, and motor racing, he’s a really good guy.”

The one criticism he had for Vettel was, “ I wish he would express himself more in public about who he is, they would love to hear that.”

Previously, Vettel’s former team-mate at Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo had also said that Vettel is one of the only drivers on the grid who isn’t active on social media.

It’s understandable to see what Mika means. If Vettel connects with his fans more then people would be able to see the other side of him. That would probably lead to more empathy for him rather than the unwarranted criticism he’s been receiving at Ferrari.

However, it is totally Vettel’s decision if he wants to keep his personal life private (if I were in his place I would do that too). Quite frankly, he should just be himself and focus on the task at hand, which is the 2020 season.

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