Sportspersons Childhood Photos from Years Before

Published 11/14/2017, 1:30 AM EST

To get to where they are now, the sportspersons of today kickstarted their careers at a very early age. All the athletes on this list and every other sportsperson got hooked onto their respective sports before the age of 10. Since then, with some diligent training and hard work, they have achieved the pinnacle of their careers. Some of the sportspersons mentioned below are still in the sport that they love, others have gracefully retired while at the top of their game. From cricket to football to basketball to tennis, we have it all. We even feature the likes of swimming and golf. Celebrating this year’s Children’s Day with our beloved sportspersons childhood photos.


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So let’s begin with, well, the Wall of Indian Cricket.


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Rahul Dravid

Guess this run machine behind the cute smile! Guess guess now.

Virat Kohli

Aww. This left handed genius looks a gem of a kid!

Rafael Nadal

Broken teeth. Blonde hair. That’s Lionel Messi for you right there!

Just look at him. Look at him guys. Look hard until you realize!

Lebron James

Well this Australian Captain seemed a badass back then as well.


Ricky Ponting

The all time favorite pair at the top of my mind. Them!

Serena and Venus Williams

Now figure out this champion of champions!

Michael Phelps

So this is a dead giveaway. Worth the fun any day!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Oh them magical eyes. Beautiful.

Maria Sharapova

Setting fashion trends since time immemorial.

David Beckham

She looks pretty, doesn’t she?

Anna Kournikova

Who knew he’d break all those tennis records growing up?

Roger Federer

Now who have we got here with all those trophies. The richest sportsperson!

Tiger Woods

The household name of them basketball fans used to play baseball initially!

Michael Jordan


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My favorite. Those curly hair locks. Just look at that stance. Perfect!


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Sachin Tendulkar


Jatin Mahajan

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