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Sportspersons Speeches That Inspired the World

Sportspersons Speeches That Inspired the World

Sportspersons have a very peculiar kind of magic. They win fans all over the globe by barely saying anything. They are immortalized and worshipped, by people they will never meet, by sometimes not even speaking a word. “Wordsmith”- is one term they don’t need to have in their resume. Yet, they make a huge difference. Their every action has a strong influence and most often their stances are hugely important to swaying public opinion. Actions alone do not define them, sportspersons speeches are enough for anyone to be inspired to pick up that bat, football, racquet, basketball – you get the idea.

Sportspersons in general, also possess a kind of flair. An unmatched grace, a skill that is rarely learnt. It seems to come to them naturally. They’ve also gone through an array of intense emotions throughout the span of their careers, experiencing things any average person wouldn’t.

When these athletes are given the mike, they often combine this aura and the grace and the emotions to produce masterpieces. They give us memorable moments, inspiring speeches, and unforgettable quotes. EssentiallySports has decided to compile some of the most amazing speeches given by sportsmen and sportswoman. An ode to the greatest words ever said on and about fields, rings and courts.


The slides are in no particular order. The author recognizes that there are many many good addresses delivered outside these few, but has tried to pick the best. A discussion on other options is always welcome

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