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Squandered Formula One Titles

Squandered Formula One Titles

Much like in 2017, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari completely lost grip over the championship coming into the second half of the season. People blamed Marchionne’s death and even rising power struggle within the team as probable reasons. But truth be told, Ferrari have long been the #2 team now and if they want to retain their fans, they’ve gotta do something special the next year.

Here we present you other drivers, like Vettel who squandered their chances of a championship easily:

Mark Webber

2010 was going to be the Aussie’s year.

Last year, Brawn may have won the titles but by the end of the year, Red Bull’s reckoning was clear. And in 2010 Red Bull’s pace was apparent. The contention was between Red Bull and Ferrari. Specifically, it was between Fernando and Webber.

Red Bull’s senior driver finally was tasting success after so many years of languishing in the midfield. The title was increasingly looking to be his. A 14 point lead coming into the final three rounds of the season. But Webber threw it all away.

He crashed in Korea and could only manage P2 behind Vettel in Brazil. His lead had been reduced to a deficit of 8 points. He had squandered his hopes.

The finale was held in Abu Dhabi. Vettel took pole while Alonso took P3 in qualifying. Webber put in a very mediocre performance and lined up only P5. Choosing a conservative tire strategy, both Alonso and Webber emerged behind the Renaults of Kubica and Petrov. A 40 lap battle ensued but neither driver got past. Webber starting P5 had essentially slumped to P8.

He finished in that order only and lost the championship to his teammate. Worse he even lost P2 in the standings to Alonso.

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