Verstappen Squeezed Hamilton a Little too much – Ricciardo

Ricciardo, Hamilton, Verstappen
Ricciardo, Hamilton, Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo can boast of some very impressive overtakes in his career. The Australian’s three-car overtake during Azerbaijan GP 2017 is even considered the best overtake of the 2017 season. So clearly, the man knows what he is talking about when it comes to overtaking in Formula 1.

The Incident in Question

Lap two, Turn one, Bahrain GP. It is a big breaking point after a long straight, clearly a corner to brake as late as possible and overtake. As it happened, Max Verstappen saw an opportunity to pass Lewis Hamilton in the inside only to see the inside line blocked by a McLaren. As any racing driver would do, Verstappen attempted to go outside of the McLaren, cutting off the Lewis in the process. Verstappen almost cleared the Mercedes but eventually they touched. The Dutchman’s rear wheel contacted Hamilton’s front which resulted in a puncture for the Red Bull. Hamilton and Verstappen would later disagree on who was responsible.

Verstappen going inside of Hamilton in an attempt to pass

Daniel Ricciardo, Verstappen’s team mate, looks to be of the opinion that the sister Red Bull was at fault-

“I’ll be honest,” said Ricciardo. “It didn’t deserve a penalty so that was fine. But it reminded me a little bit of me and [Nico] Rosberg in Budapest [in 2015] where he kept coming and I was on the exit kerb and had nowhere else to go.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo also added that Verstappen did not need to move so far to cut off Lewis-

“I think Max had the move [completed] already, I just don’t think he needed to run all the way to the kerb. I think regardless Max would have stayed ahead, he was just a little too greedy.  Lewis was so tight [to the outside of the track] as well, he wasn’t going to make Turn 2 with any form of speed. Even if Max had hung around the outside [through Turn 2] I just think Max would have had him regardless.”

“He squeezed him a little too much in my opinion.”

“I heard some people say Lewis could have lifted but you’re there, unless he turned off the track or braked…it’s easier said than done,” he said.


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