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Sri Lankan women cricketers ‘forced into sexual favours’ to retain their place in the national team

Sri Lankan women cricketers ‘forced into sexual favours’ to retain their place in the national team

Cricket is considered the most popular sport in Sri Lanka, but in a shocking revelation, the Sri Lankan sports ministry according to an investigation evidence found out that the Sri Lankan National Women’s team had been forced to perform sexual favours for the officials so that they could retain their deserved positions in the national team.
A probe into the matter has been ordered by the Sri Lanka Cricket.
A committee of three members lead by retired Supreme Court Judge Nimal Dissanayake, submitted evidences to Sri Lanka’s Sport’s Ministry on Wednesday, reported Manorama online.
The official statement was, “The committee report found evidence of sexual harassment by members of the Sri Lankan cricket women’s management team against several members of the Sri Lanka cricket women’s team. The (sports) minister intends to take disciplinary actions against those members where evidence has been found.”
Reports from local media in late october revealed that an anonymous senior female cricketer had claimed that officials selecting players had asked women players to have sex with them if they wanted to continue playing cricket for Sri Lanka. These allegations first appeared in a Sinhalese newspaper Divaina and the senior player was dropped after she refused to perform sexual favours.
Sri Lanka’s women’s cricket team is ranked sixth in the world ICC rankings in one-day international games after Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan and England. They just lost a four one-day match series against West Indies on Wednesday.
Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and to hear such shocking news just saddens you from deep within. Hope that the players get justice and the culprits get duly punished for their crime.
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