Sri Lankan Cricket’s Clean Up Act ?

Published 06/03/2015, 2:02 PM EDT

In a brave and comprehensive move the SLC has empowered umpires and authorities at domestic and school level cricket for stringent measures against suspect and illegal bowling action.

In accordance with a similar move by the ICC which tracked down illegal actions, the Sri Lankan cricket put forward a ‘Suspect Bowling Action Review Committee’ which aims at taking a definite step to track down suspected illegal bowling actions at grass root levels of cricket in the island nation.

Of late many bowlers like Sunil Marine, Saeed Ajamal were suspended temporarily and had to go through remedial processes to play competitive cricket again. Sri Lanka had its share when their then premium limited overseas spinner Sachitra Senanayake was tracked down and had to go through the same process to play international cricket again.

According to the committee a total of 170 bowlers were identified for suspected illegal bowling actions of which 42 of them were successively cleared by tailor made remedial bowling programs. However the rest 128 remain suspended for the time being.

This isn’t the first time a cricketing body has tracked down bowlers, in September last year PCB banned 16 bowlers from playing domestic cricket after their ace Saeed Ajmal went down that road.



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