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Stan Wawrinka Exposes Shocking Revelations about the ATP

Stan Wawrinka Exposes Shocking Revelations about the ATP

Stan Wawrinka

A few days ago, the Swiss, Stan Wawrinka articulated his perspective on the odious incident which took place in the ATP board involving Justin Gimelstob and he portrayed it to be a “shameful period in the great sport of tennis”. In the midst of all the hustle, Gimelstob stepped down from ATP board.

Recently, Stan Wawrinka has penned his opinion and expressed it to ‘The Times’ regarding the scenario in the ATP board. He contemplated upon the politics in tennis which has certainly eclipsed the on-court action. “I feel compelled to express my views on this regrettable period in our sport. This episode has left many players, myself included, concerned about the direction tennis is heading in”, Stan Wawrinka expressed.

Stan Wawrinka
Stan Wawrinka

The three-time Grand Slam champion, Stan Wawrinka alluded to the values which tennis has taught him and he believes that everyone in tennis certainly posses those principles which he has assimilated from the sport. “My parents and this sport have taught me about real values, fighting hard with passion, commitment, and determination, but most importantly with integrity and honesty”, Stan Wawrinka revealed. 

Stan Wawrinka elucidated that these ethics have been dwindling over the past few months in the sport of tennis. Sport is something which primarily inculcates disciple within a sportsman and shows the ideal path to an individual to lead his/her life.

Stan Wawrinka was appalled with the amount of time taken to solve Gimelstob’s case and believes everyone in the tennis fraternity is liable for such an act. “I am relieved that Justin Gimelstob has finally had the decency to resign from the ATP board after being sentenced for assault, but I am dismayed by how long thing took”.

“I am also concerned that many within the game think are episode is now over, and are simply relieved at having avoided any negative press themselves. This is not good enough. We ALL are accountable and we must ALL learn from this,” Stan Wawrinka mentioned. Neither tennis nor society provides any space for such individuals. 

Stan Wawrinka
Justin Gimelstob

Stan Wawrinka dappled on the event which took place in last year, in the month of December where there was polling conducted for the continuation of Gimelstob’s role in the ATP board. Also, he feels it was futile to give the responsibility for decision making to ATP players.

“It is the duty of the board representatives to lead by an example and protect the players. They should have immediately managed this controversy. Instead, they shamefully voted in December for Justin to continue with his duties”, Stan Wawrinka criticized the board. 

He perceives the ATP structure to be fine, but the people working in there aren’t functioning it optimally. “Some people feel that the governance structure of the ATP does not work, that it’s too cumbersome, impossible to represent both players and tournaments. But I fundamentally believe in this system. The fault lies in the structure, but in the calibre of people within it”, Stan Wawrinka added. 

He also stated about Chris Kermode’s departure from the ATP board this year. It is backed by Gimelstob, Edges, Inglot and the Player Council who are interested in dismissing him. All the political fuss takes place because of personalized views amongst the board members. 

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Stan Wawrinka
Stan Wawrinka

World Number 33 proceeded to express his perspectives about his colleagues. “Many players feel that they were not represented properly throughout the last few months, during which so much has happened politically. I agree with them. I do not want to be associated with anyone who played a part in this, let alone be represented by them. I want to be represented by people with clear, strong, ethical values”.

Stan Wawrinka mentioned the scandals which keep revolving in the world and believes that public figures are role models to others and they must lead by an example and embrace “honesty, kindness, trust, and friendship”.

“I am by no means perfect, as a man or as an athlete. I have been divorced and have made many a mistake during my 17-year-old career as a professional. But I am passionate about tennis, proud to be part of this great sport and determined to speak up where I see us letting ourselves down,” Stan Wawrinka wrote.

Stan Wawrinka wound up with a note to abolish these disgraceful events from the beautiful sport of tennis and he hopes for a better tomorrow. “This is a sport with global appeal, to men, women, and children of all ages and cultures. We have a responsibility to be the best we can be. I hope our sport can put his dreadful period behind us, move forward and embrace the future,” Stan Wawrinka concluded.

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