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Stan Wawrinka: “I Never Dreamed to Win a Grand Slam”

Stan Wawrinka: “I Never Dreamed to Win a Grand Slam”

Stan Wawrinka says that winning a Grand Slam title has never been his goal and striving to make progress to be able to defeat anyone in the world has been the major objective of his career.

The three-time Grand Slam champion suggested that he was never in the notion of winning a major title or rank in the top 10 and top 5 in the ATP rankings. Wawrinka revealed that training hard to become one of the best players in the world is what he always aims for.

Stan Wawrinka

Wawrinka said: “I never thought, ‘I have to win a grand slam tournament, I have to be top 10, I have to be top 5, I never dreamed to win a grand slam title, it’s never been a goal for me.”

“For me, the goal was to progress, do the work it takes to give me the maximum chances to beat any player on the court, working and loving it has been my real talent at the base,”  Wawrinka further added.

Stan Wawrinka


Stan Wawrinka explained that before he claimed the French Open title in 2003, he was not among the best of his age and couldn’t win too many titles but the Swiss indicated that the youth should not too much importance to the results in young categories.

“Before I won Roland Garros Junior (in 2003) I was good, but I was not among the best of my age in the youth categories,” Wawrinka admitted. “Even in Switzerland. I’ve never won the Swiss Championships, and that I think it’s something to remember.”

Stan Wawrinka

He noted: “Because I think that young people, and parents, should not give too much importance to reşults in young categories. A player’s career is too long for it to be important.”

The 34-year-old explained that he was motivated to work hard as he was not among the best in his youth career. He revealed that he always enjoys spending time the court while training and pushing his limits.

He concluded: “Having never been among the best (in the young categories) motivated me to work. To work even more. You had to work more. And I’ve always enjoyed spending time on the field, or physical training, trying to push my limits. To be able to reach the maximum of my abilities.”

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