Star Wars Squadrons Developer Motive Studios Reveals Future Plans

October 12, 2020 5:40 pm

Star Wars Squadrons is the latest title in the popular gaming franchise and is getting a decent response so far. The game released on October 2, 2020, and apart from a few bugs, it looks brilliant. The developer Motive Studios are certainly happy with the game’s performance. Recently, General Manager of Motive Studios, Patrick Claus, gave an update on the studios’ future.

Motive Studios to have a risk-taking approach after Star Wars Squadrons

Despite making a successful space combat game, the developers will now try their hands at new genres. Patrick said that they have established a new mission at MotiveTo empower players to create, experiment, live, and share their own unique stories.

It seems like the roadmap for Motive’s future is set after Star Wars Squadrons. Patrick explained,

“To reach this goal, we’re encouraging innovation and calculated risk-taking in our approach to game development. We put significant emphasis on creating a safe space through our practices and culture to offer our teams the freedom, autonomy, and time to innovate where it matters.”

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Motive’s General Manager knows that innovation is tough because every genre has a lot of popular games. Fans expect something unique and innovative every time, especially from high-budget developers. As a result, the studio is working on several unannounced projects while it is trying and testing a lot of new things simultaneously.

The new Star Wars title is a great experience in VR!

Star Wars Squadrons is a three-tier game with not only a single-player and multiplayer mode but also a VR mode. Players can play the game in VR through PC or the PlayStation VR. The game is based on space-battles and the VR mode intensifies the already-great graphics of the game.

Apart from VR, fans also like the multiplayer modes named dogfights and flee battles. The game is good enough to even attract players that aren’t fans of Star Wars because of its unique dynamics.

It seems like Electronic Arts are finally getting a hold of making good Star War games like Squadrons and Fallen Order. Fortunately, fans will be able to experience more games from Motive Studios in the near future.

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